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in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Hail to thee Saint Mary's 

Volume 96 — Stagecoach 

900 Hillsborough Street 

Raleigh, N.C. 27603 


Dedicated To Margaret McGlohon 

If you were ever a student at Saint 
Mary's while this woman worked 
here, you never went through one 
day on campus without feeling, see- 
ing, and participating in something 
organized by her. She was a Saint 
Mary's girl herself, and she gradu- 
ated in 1981. While at Saint Mary's, 
she was student body president, a 
hall counselor, a member of WATS, 
and a standout on the college tennis 
team. Having participated in so 
much while at Saint Mary's, it is no 
wonder that on her return to Saint 
Mary's as the student activities di- 
rector the participation and en- 
thusiasm only became more intense 
and more involved. Her popularity 
on campus resulted in her receiving 

the Student Life Award in 1990, 
which is given annually to a person 
on campus who involves herself in 
caring for the life of the students 
beyond the classroom, and she most 
certainly cares. 

This woman is everything a Saint 
Mary's woman should be and wants 
to be. Everybody's love, respect, 
and admiration for her is immeasur- 
able. Although quiet and humble, 
her fiery red hair tells anyone who 
sees her that inside she is alive — 
alive with her love for the students 
of Saint Mary's. She gives, gives, 
and gives, yet not once has she ever 
asked for a thank you. No one has 
given more of themselves to this 
school. There are not many people 

who can say that they have done as 
many worth while things for Saint 
Mary's as she has. 

For all she is and for all she has 
done for the people and for the 
school, this yearbook is dedicated to 
Margaret McGlohon. Thank you for 
encouraging the students. Thank 
you for being a part of the students 
falling in love with Saint Mary's. 
Thank you for letting us fall in love 
with you. We all love you, Mar- 
garet, and as long as Saint Mary's is 
standing, what you have done for 
this school and its people will for- 
ever be remembered. Thank you 
and goodbye. Saint Mary's will miss 
you — we will miss you. 

Table of Contents Page 

Orientation 4 

Fall Events 5 

Campus Life 6 

Fall Events 8 

October Fest 9 

Campus Life 10 

Lighting O' the Grove 12 

Spring Break 14 

Mother/Daughter Weekend 16 

Spring Fling 17 

College Sophomore Portraits 19 

College Freshmen Portraits 30 

High School Senior Portraits 36 

High School Junior Portraits 48 

High School Sophomore Portraits 53 

Administration 55 

Faculty and Staff 57 

Clubs 61 

Social Clubs 78 

Sports 93 

Graduation 100 

Baby Pictures 102 

Memorable Moments 112 

Directory 116 

Fall Events and Orientation of 1993. 

The Grove is decorated with balloons for the new ladies. 

Becca George, Catherine Watson, Eliza Pittman, Emily Jenkins, and Sinclair Fowler wait anxiously to 
show the new girls all the ropes. 

Beth Miller, Anna Whitley, and Katie O'Neal prepare for the new '93-'94 Fall Orientation is always hectic but fun for everyone! 

girls to arrive. 

B^Br . ^^k ■-:--.*?*■ m 


iT > 

V 1 








^^wjHiW' ^ayj "■* 

Sally Howell, Austin Staunch, Elisa Espisito, Anna Whitley, and Mary Pat 
Phillips party hearty Halloween Night. 

Brady Wells and Nicole Kerr pose for a quick picture before they go out. 

Heather May is dressed for success on Halloween! 

Connie Silver, Megan Hotze, Alison Leith, Diana 
Ferrin, Emily Jackson, Meghan Ortman, and Karen 
Work enjoy a spring cookout at SMC. 

Jennifer Kulin and Allison Patridge pose for a picture 
before chapel. 

Liz Johnson, Lynn Pritchett, and Emily Jenkins 

Campus Life 

Shay Rabon, Sara Voelker, Stacy Stallard and Rheney Amber Ramsey, Maiko Noda, Angela Englebert, Re- 
Rabon make a pyramid in the halls of Holt. becca Ward, and Laura Montgomery have fun playing 

a volleyball game against their friends. 

- - \ ■> - . : : * ■■■-.' 

SGA made the tables decorative for Fall Formal with the paper Disco 
Inferno and graffiti. 

Meghan Krell, Emily Jenkins, Margaret Taylor, Jennifer Ormsby, 
and Fiquet Bailey stop for a picture before Fall Formal. 

The 1993 Fall Formal held 

at Elks Lodge was a Disco 


Jennifer Kulin, Dee McKoy, and Laura Park are all dressed up at Fall Formal. 
The decorations show the styles during the Disco Inferno time. 




The "original nine" Cold Cuts entertained parents at a cookout. 

Louisa Gibson, Erin Wendell, Angel Narron, Janet Uy, 
and Mary Kelly Teague are all smiles dunng Fall Fest 

Jane Smith and her father take in the fall 

Lucy Coleman, Emily Jackson, Allison Leith, Hillary McGee, Mary Beth Mauldin, Andrea Anderson, and Amv 
Kilgore show their pumpkin-carving skills. 

Sally Lowder, Robin Powell, and Maggie Bitter are keeping busy 
at the Circle's pumpkin carving booth. 

Sara Corbitt and Stephanie Abee play in the fall leaves. 

Campus Life 

Allison King, Dean Jones, and Dee McCoy roast marshmallows at 
the bonfire. 

Hillary McGee, Darien Alger, Sara 
Voelker, Mary Beth Mauldin, Maggie 
Bitter, and Anna Query pose for a smile 
while relaxing in the dorm. 

Sara McClure, Emmye Taft, and Melissa 
Sutton are still smiling even after soccer 


*"* *Ni^ 

Camie Prendergast, Ann Green, Mar- 
gery Knott, and Susan Taylor get ready 
tor a night on the town. 



strain \ o 

Alice Zawadzki shows that teachers 
have spirit too by wearing her original 
costume for Halloween. 

Alison Leith gets into the SMC fall spirit 
by participating in the Circle pumpkin 

These High School girls, Ann Thurston 
Debnam, Ann Connell, Emily Dillon, 
Lynn Pritchett, found something to 
smile about in the Dining Hall. 


Lighting O' the Grove 

Margaret Taylor and Anne Connell, High School SGA, dress as angels for the 

Lighting O' the Grove. 

Circle Beacon Party 

Circle, Laura Park, Dee McCoy, Lucy Coleman, 
Sally Lowder, Hillary McGee, "Sara Volker, Lauren 
Blaney, Joanna Weatherman, Mary Beth Mauldin, 
Amy Kilgore, and Alison Leith, along with Beacon, 
are the hosts of the traditional Christmas pajama 
party at Saint Mary's. 

The Cold Cuts, Rheney Rabon, Elisa Espisito, 

Sandy Calves, Camie Prendergast, Margery Knott, 

Alison Britt, Anne Greene, ana Susan Taylor, dress 

festive and sing Christmas carols at the Circle 

Beacon party each year. 

Third floor Penick, Megan Hotze, Kendy Allen, Karen Work, 
Jennifer Koch, Elsa Weber, Mason Waites, Mary Catherine 
Gentry, Missy Sulivan, Allison Hyde, Emmy Teague, Shannon 
Gardner, dress in their P.J.'s and ponytails to hear Cold Cuts 
play at the Circle Beacon Party. 


Jill Kumper, Emily Farber, Allison Wilkes, Margaret 
Taylor, Holly Evans, Cassie Warrington, Jean 
Lyndon, Lucy White, Cyndi Akers, Jessica Hobbs, 
Stacy Smith, and Catherine Watson are waiting eager-i 
ly to board their cruise ship. , 


Elisa Esposito and Stacy Stallard were up to no good at 
the beach. 

Who is this mad fool that is going for a ride on the 
dinosaur wearing a sombrero? 

Break 1994 

Mason Waites, Karen Work, Megan Hotze, Kendy 
Allen, Ann Green, and Sandv Calves spent days of fun 
in the sun on their cruise. 

Amy Warren and Rachel Graham stay bundled up on a 
cold Colorado night. 

Lucy White, Emily Farber, Stacey Smith, Jill Kumper, Jennifer Kulin, Laura Park, and Lucy Coleman catch 
Jean Lyndon, and Jessica Hobbs take in the sights in rays during spring break. 
Key West. 


Mother-Daughter Weekend 1994 

Motkr-Dawjftr WcckcfkJ 

The huge turn out had our dining hall moving with casino excitement. 

This beautiful floral arrangement and banner welcomed all the mothers to a 
fun-filled weekend at SMC. 

Above, mothers and daughters, alike give all they have at the 
"Lucky Diamond" table. 

Shannon Gardner and Ellie Jarman enjoy the Saturday brunch with their mothers. 

Allison King, Blanche Hancock, Alma Young, Linda 
Mueller and Ann Soles were just a few of the dealers at 
casino night. 



Birds of a feather? Missy Sullivan, Ann Green, Shannon Gardner, Mason Waites, Megan Hotze, Beth Prince, Anna Whitley, Rheney Rabon, and Allison Bntt 
relebrate Spring. 

1 M 


* *■■%> 





\m t&lfaii 

Ashley Degner is an all-round kind of girl as she spins in the orbitron. 

Dr. Proctor (center, with shades) still looks like one of the students. 

Stacey Smith emerges from the refreshing dunking booth. 




Jennifer Nicole Alexander 

Katherine Kendal Allen 

Andrea Michelle Anderson 

Margaret Lynn Bitter 

Lauren Lynn Blaney 

Katherine Jane Bradsher 

Nancy Alison Britt 

Jennie Marie Burgess 

Alexandra VanPelts Calves 


*&s ^ '■ 

/- 1 

1 f 1 

[ T: - i 


1 / 

V" - , 

" ' i 


Margaret Toccoa Choate 

Lucy Spotswood Coleman 

Nicol Christine Constantino 





■ * 





Stephanie Ann Marie Dickens 

Elisa Mary Esposito 

Marie Elizabeth Farr 

Diana Ruth Ferrin 

Shannon Leigh Gardner 

Mary Catherine Gentry 


mm ** < 1 

\ 1 » •■* 1 



^m 1 

S fl 

^^^ > 

Anne VanEvery Glenn 

Rachel Cameron Graham 

Amy Shawn Grandis 

Ann Chancellor Green 

Catherine Whitney Hair 

Alice Elizabeth Herring 

Louisa Blair Hickman 

Megan Lee Hotze 

Sally Anne Howell 


Beth Elly Huber 

Mary Grayson Hux 

Kate Allison Hyde 

Maki Ideguchi 

Emily Phillips Jackson 

Jeannie Leandra Jackson 

Ellen Mayo Jarman 

Kumiko Katherine Kawata 

Amy Kilgore 


Margery Walker Knott 

Jennifer Lynn Koch 

Kaoru Koiwa 

Jennifer Joi Kulin 

Alison Emily Leith 

Sally Margaret Lowder 

Mary Elizabeth Mauldin 

Heather Jeanette May 

Doreen Blythe McCoy 


Mary Hillary McGee 

Caren Dryden Mills 

Macarena Mon 

Elise Johnson Morgan 

Kathleen Camilla O'Neal 

Meghan Leigh Ortman 

Laura Brereton Park 

Allison Langford Partridge 

Julia Marie Penta 





I . ' ' 

Milla Pentti 

Marv Patricia Phillips 

Katherine Lee Porter 

Robin Davis Powell 

Gretchen Cameron Prendergast 

Elizabeth Bicknell Prince 

Anna Carole Query 

Elizabeth Lynn Rainev 

Arabella Renner 


Shannon Marie Russell 

Frances Shannon Ryan 

Constance Woodbury Silver 

Adrienne Lee Skarzynski 

Alice Michelle Smith 

Andrea Gave Staunch 

Austin Blair Staunch 

Susan Campbell Stone 

Michelle Sanders Sullivan 


Susan Ann Taylor 

Emily Jordan Teague 

Meredith Elizabeth Toomes 

Sara Glen Voelker 

Baxter Leigh Wagner 

Ann Mason Thomas Waites 

Amy Lyndell Warren 

Joanna Barber Weatherman 

Caroline Atkinson Weber 


5v •'"' " -^N&H 



i JJik 



Elsa Caroline Weber 

Robin Jennifer White 

Anna Lawson Whitley 

Karen Christine Work 


College Freshman 


Sara-Page Allen 

Christy Anderson 

Marv Penn Anthony 

Helen Banzet 

Ashlyn Boisseau 

Evadora Boyd 

Suzanne Carter 

Caroline Caudill 

Ema Correia 

Ashley Dawson 

Kimberly Deaton 

Elizabeth Degner 

Jill Diordjevic 

Ivey Dunaway 

Stacy Dunikowski 

Amy Easley 

Nancy Etheridge 

Emily Farber 

Mary Frauenhoffer 

Yuko Fujii 

Heather Gibson 

Sarah Haden 

Molly Hammond 

)ulia Harlow 

Heather Harrelson 


Jennifer Harris 
Kimberly Hassell 
Beth Herring 
Molly Hesla 
Jessica Hobhs 

Amy Honeycutt 
Alston Hoover 
Mary Norvell Hope 
Jenny Jaar 
Virginia Jackson 

Shannon Jenkins 
Mary Leigh Jetton 
Emmalee Jones 
Suzanne Jones 
Tracy Kagarise 

Charlotte Kosanin 
Jill Kumper 
Catherine Lamm 
Jean Lyndon 
Lisa Mann 

Kristen Martin 
Kate Mays 
Mary Moore 
Brennan Mosley 
Kim Newman 


Helen Nobles 

Mary Harvard Nolde 

Laura Oliver 

Michelle Oppegard 

Sasha Poston 

Elizabeth Reetzke 

Jennifer Rosner 

Danielle Ruffino 

Marv Miller Russ 

Kjmberly Ryan 

Nami Shirakishi 

Jane Smith 

Stacy Smith 

Anne Steele 

Ashley Summerlin 

Whitney Szymczyk 

Mary Kelly Teague 

Jane Twamtey 

Janet Uy 

Maria Uyterhoeven 

Kyoko Wakamatsu 
Cindi Warren 

Cassie Warrington 
Gaelle Widmer 
Allison Wilkes 


Mary Margaret Williams 
CatHenne Wright 
Annie Young 




High School Seniors 


Sandra Aichner 

Cynthia O'Connor Akers 

JulieAnne Elizabeth Arnold 

^ ' 


^f~^ ■ 

■ ^ '** 






Kathryn Elizabeth Barger 

Brooke Candler Bohannon 

Virginia Lambeth Bullock 

Melissa I. Butler 

Pamela Dawn Campbell 

Anna Fuller Carstarphen 


Anne Gibson Connell 

Jerilyn Elizabeth Cvjetnicanin 

Laura Elizabeth Converse 

Lindley Ann D'Alonzo 

Sarah Elaine Corbitt 

Hope Locklair Dangerfield 

Anne Thurston Debnam 

Emily Bateson Dillon 

Andrea Jeannine Eason 


r ,. 


9 Vk 

- M 

^■ft j^'+^t*- 


Dayna Britt Edwards 

Angela Michelle Englebert 

Jennifer Ann Erwin 

Holly Jay Evans 

Eliza Sinclair Fowler 

Judith Ann Freeman 

Katherine Anna Garrett 

Jennifer Rebecca George 

Cynthia Leigh Grier 


Jamie Pamela Griswold 

Kristen Noel Hamlin 

Jill Alane Hardee 

Nancy Bryson Hill 

Tracy Suzanne Ivey 

Marion Graham James 

Catherine Julia Jefcoat 

Emily Pierce Jenkins 

Jennifer Rains Jones 


Mary Susan Jones 

Sherri Ann Joyner 

Victoria Elizabeth Killen 

Melissa Beth Kiltie 

Cameron McMillan Kirkland 

Jennifer Lynn Lewis 

' ^H 



F ■ - 1 

■fir | v 

* ■ i 


H i 

Lara Nicole Loucks 

Amy Elizabeth Macchiaverna 

Amy Lee Mackie 


Holly Melissa Mason 

Carina Catherine Mayback 

Marnie McDonald Metts 

Elizabeth Madry Miller 

Millicent Paige Mooring 

Holly Anne Newcomb 

Rebecca Anne Newman 

Alice Grey Odom 

Elizabeth Sanders Olson 


... .■ 






s \ \ 



<»> j 



m : 



Fleur Christel Optekamp 

Jennifer Elizabeth Ormsby 

Stephanie Susanne Phillips 

Elizabeth Ward Pittman 

Peri Gwen Potkovick 

Jennifer Ann Rasmovich 

Kristal Leah Rawls 

Lindsey Sutton Reynolds 

Rebecca Lynn Rocque 


Laura Bowen Ross 

Margaret Elizabeth Rowell 

Annika Honorah Schauer 

Beverly Alexandra Seago 

Brenda Leigh Sharpe 

Elizabeth Thompson Hayward Shepard 


Nancy Brimage Gillam Spruill 

Nicole Steinborn 

Leigh Erin Stucky 

Margaret Evans Taylor 

Aubrey Ellen Turner 

Amanda Caroline Veorse 

Sara Elizabeth Vivian 

Leslie Ruth Wagstaff 

Susanna Godwin Ward 


Delia Lydia Washington 

Katherine Elizabeth Watson 

Melissa Kathryn Williams 

Jennifer Pell Zahren 



High School Juniors 

Josie Alien 

Fiquet Bailey 

Laura Bell 

Harper Best 

Frances Carstarphen 

Lynne Clark 

Allison Coleman 

Anna Coxe 

Gretchen Eason 

Catherine Fowler 

Andrea Goff 

Susan Griffin 

Jennifer Hardison 

Lindsay Hardison 

Emily Harer 

Ruth Hearn 

Kathenne Holt 

Alicia Isenberg 

Emily Jenkins 

Julie Johnson 

Liz Johnson 

Samantha Katen 

Meghan Krell 

Kim Kulers 

Linda Lawson 


I ( C / 

Danielle Little 
Katie Marshall 
Sara McClure 
Emily McQueen 
Corey Mapes 

Margarette Miller 
Laura Montgomery 
Julie Morgan 
Angel Narron 
Maiko Noda 

Beth Parker 
Kristie Perrin 
Sarah Pope 
Ann Powell 
Amy Preiss 

Lynn Pritchett 
Amber Ramsey 
Rebecca Riedl 
Chads Saunders 
Ashley Smith 

Mary Stark 
Jenn Streeter 
Melissa Sutton 
Emmye Taft 
Amanda Teague 

r >. 

Jessica Thomas 

Megan Thomas 

Cooper Thorhill 

Jamie Tompkins 

Kate Walton 

Rebecca Ward 

Kitty Watkins 

Hadley Watson 

Evelyn Way 

Erin Wendell 

Dickens Whitley 

Keira Williams 

Lauren Williams 


Tenth Graders 



Stephanie Abee 

Alicia Carroll 

Angie DeMario 

Jocelyn Fuller 

Sarah Givers 

Heather Holden 

Jennifer Lewis 

Kelly Karras 

Kyrs'tin Krist 

Becky McConnell 

Raven McDonald 

Kristen Mitchell 

Laura Raynor 

Cee Sidler 

Adrianne Stone 

Ashleigh Twiggs 
Courtney Weill 




Joe was a cool sort of guy, even then! 

Steve has always been a manly man! 



Mary Lou Jones 
Dean of Students 

Dr. Clauston Jenkins 
President of Saint Mary's 

Dr. John C. Hume, Jr. 
Dean of Saint Mary's 

Janet C. Watrous 
Chaplain of Saint Mary's 






Betty Adams 

Chair, Division of Fine Arts and 

Physical Education 

Ellen Few Anderson 
Assistant Professor of Art 
Fletcher Teaching Fellow 

EUen A. Birch 

Fletcher Distinguished Professor of 


Dr. A. Edward Burgess 
Assistant Professor of History 

Davis Dillon 

Assistant Professor of History 

Athletic Director 

Barbara Elliott 
Assistant Professor of Mathematics 


Dr. Kenneth Guilmart 
Associate Professor of Latin 

rsiicoie Hagan 
Assistant Professor of French 

Dr. Thomas Michael Bauso 
Associate Professor of English 

Antonia Beh 
Instructor of Dance 

Dr. Joseph W. Caddell 
Associate Professor of History 

Georgette Campbell 
Associate Professor of Biology 

Dr. Steven W. Esthimer 

Rankin Professor of Humanities 

Chair, Div. of Humanities and So. Sci. 

Dr. Margaret Grissom 

Chair, Division of Languages and 


John Ham 

Assistant Professor, Humanities 

and Social Sciences 

Betsy Hill 

Day Student Coordinator 

Instructor of Student Publications 


Karen Hillman 
Assistant Professor of Spanish 

Pauline Hyman 

Assistant Professor of Social 


Linda Mueller 
Instructor of Biology 

J. Arthur McRae 
Associate Professor of Mathematics 


Kim Piontek 

Instructor of Physical Education 

Gloria Graham 
Library Coordinator 

Elgiva Watson 
Professor of History 

f » 

Saran (onnson 
Library Assistant 

\w<* ~ y H 

Randall Lathan 
Instructor of English 

Dr. Lucy Melbourne-Magdy 
Associate Professor of French 


Dr. Margaret O'Shaughnessey 
Assistant Professor of English 

Catherine W. Peacock 
Instructor of Math 

Anna Wooten-Hawkins 
Associate Professor of English 

Alice Zawadzki 
Associate Professor of Physics 


• • • -. 

K ft - U 


Dr. Martha M. Smith 

Director of the Library/Academic 



Christine L. Thomson 
Reference Librarian 


Bonnie Anna 

Registered Nurse 
Health Center 

Joan Battle 

Director of Guidance 

Sarah W. Clark 

Secretary to the Dean of the College 

Ibby Connell 

Assistant to the Alumnae Director 

Blanche Hancock 

College Placement Advisor for the High 

Juanita Heiser 

Director of Administrative Services 

Jennette Herbert 

Director of Admissions 

Hilda Holland 

Administrative Assistant to Development 

Gail Ivey 

Administrative Assistant to the President 

Mary Ethel Jacocks 

Director of Finance 

Trudy Johnson 

Director of Reunion Giving 

Bonnie Leopard 

Secretary to the Guidance Office 

Allison King 

Resident Director 

Ashley Mann 

Admissions Counselor 

Susan Musgrave 

Director of Annual Giving 

Margaret McGlohon 

Director of Student Activities and 

Henry M. Read 

Director of Development 

Bobbie Ward 

Resident Director 

Tad Wyman 

Alumnae Director 

Alma Young 

ResideYit Director 


The A-Team! Seated: Jill Sparks and 
B.J. Mathieu. Standing: Elizabeth Van 
Dyke, Debbie Edwards, Barbara King, 
Seldon Steed. NOT PICTURED: 
Director of Admissions, Jennette 
Herbert and Ashley Mann 


Ken George 

Campus Technology Coordinator 

Hiram Fuller 

Buildings Maintenance Supervisor 


Thelma Gardner, Sandra De La Rosa, 
Mary Ethel Jacocks, Martha Yates 

Atlas Brewer 

Head of Security 




Front Row: Roscoe Pettiford, Win 
Crawley, R'Com Moih, Elijah Walker, 
Vickie Allen, John Johnson. Back Row: 
Raymond Crawley, Lou Keifer, Mac 
Langston, Pattie Peace, Pattie Powell, 
Janie Ings 

Mailroom Supervisor Alice Hunter, / 

Bookstore Manager Pat Plant 



College Student Government Association 

Front Row: Anna Whitley, Vice President; 
Dee McCoy, President; Jeannie Jackson, 
Dorm Council; Back Row: Laura Park, J. 
Board Chair; Katie O'Neal, Sec./Tres.; Alison 
Leith, V.J. Board Chair; Hillary McGee, 
Social Chair. 

In 1919, the Reverend Warren Wade Way established a school council for the purpose of getting "a fine feeling of 
loyalty among the students and a better cooperation in securing high and happy standards of Christian living in our 
family household." Today the Student Government officers still strive for the same objective as the council of 1919, 
but they are also concerned with promoting school spirit, planning social events, and numerous other respon- 
sibilities. The SGA must pledge to uphold the honor code and maintain the highest standards in all phases of campus 

High School Student Government Association 

The Student Government Association of Saint Mary's High 
School has been hard at work this year to establish a founda- 
tion for the first complete High School Student Government. 
Five officers and a great advisor make up a unit that helps en- 
force and uphold the rules of SMC. Also, the SGA has put 
much work into functions such as the Spring Fling, October- 
fest, Spirit Week, Fall Formal, Lighting O' the Grove and other 
great SMC events. The hard work that has gone into the 1993- 
94 school year has taught the girls the value of teamwork and 
what it takes to make things happen. 

Margaret Taylor, President; Margaret Rowell, Vice Pres.; Katherine Watson, Sec; 
Beth Miller, Tres.; Anne Connell, Day Student Pres. 


Front Row: Katie O'Neal, Linda Lawson, 
Chairperson Laura Park Second Row: 
Allison Leith, Sally Howell, Mary Harvard 
Nolde, Fiquet Bailey, Anne Connell. 
Third Row: Faculty Advisors Ellen 
Anderson, Dr. Thomas Bauso, Nicole 
Hagan, Elgiva Watson. 

Tie Judicial Board was established in 1978 upon the recommendation of the Student Government Officers and the Honor and Social 
ioards. The President of the College approved the combination of the Honor and Socials Boards and the creation of the Dorm Council 
o replace the Minor Offense Committee. The Student Body endorsed the changes on a majority vote. The Judicial Board was created 
or the purpose of strengthening the Honor System and ensuring fairness for penalties. 


Dorm Council was established in 1978 to handle minor dorm offenses. The Dorm Council 
is run by a group of responsible students along with the help of a faculty advisor and 
handles such offenses as missing curfew or assembly absences. 

The 1993-1994 Dorm Council Faculty Advisors are Dean of Students, Lou Jones and Dr. 
Maggie O'Shaughnessey. The students are Chairman, Jeannie Jackson; Junior Repre- 
sentatives, Alicia Isenberg and Danielle Little; Senior Representatives, Graham James and 
Emily Dillon; Freshmen Representatives, Ivey Dunaway and Suzanne Jones; Sophomore 
Representatives, Shay Rabon and Amy McLvain; and Vice President of High School SG A, 
Margaret Rowell. 



SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mary Catherine Gentry, Beth Prince, Elisa Esposito, Allison Partridge, Amy Warren. NOT PICTURED: Sally Howel 
Shay Rabon, Amy Mcllvain, Austin Staunch, Shannon Ryan, Kate Porter, Kumiko Kawata, Rheney Rabon, Allison Leith, Hillary McGee. 

FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Sasha Postom, Lucy White, Mollie Hammond, Suzanne Jones, Heather Gibson, Jessica Hobbs, Helen Nobles, Mary 
Harvard Nolde, Ivey Dunaway. NOT PICTURED: Catherine Wright, Cassie Warrington, Wallace Batten, Anne Pickney Steele. 



Secretary/Treasurer, Fleur Optekamp; President, 
Cameron Kirkland; Vice President, Elizabeth Killen. 
Kneeling/Standing: Food Committee, Graham 
James; DC Representative, Eliza Pittman; Student 
Lawyer, Jennifer Jones; Fire Marshall, Sarah Corbitt; 
Student Development, Judith Freeman; DC 
Representative, Emily Dillon. Budget Committee, 
Brooke Bohannon NOT PICTURED: Brimmage 
Spruill and Annika Schauer. 

Committee Representative Dickens Whitley, Food 
Committee Representative Jessica Thomas, 
Legislative Body Representative Julie Johnson, 
Judicial Board Representative Fiquet Bailey. 
Standing: President Emily Jenkins, Secretary/ 
Treasurer Lynn Pritchett, DC Representative Alicia 
Isenberg, Vice President Hadley Watson, Judicial 
Board Representative Linda Lawson, DC 
Representative Danielle Little, Food Committee 
Representative Liz Johnson. NOT PICTURED: 
Amanda Teague, Keira Williams. 

Representative Jocelyn Fuller, Secretary/Treasurer 
Angie DeMario, Vice President Kelly Karras, 
President Kyrstin Krist. NOT PICTURED: Kristen 
Mitchell, Adrianne Stone. 



PENICK DORM: Front Row: Mary Pat Phillips, Beth Prince, Kate Porter. Back Row: Kendy Allen, Sally Howell, Allison Partridge. 

CRUIKSHANK DORM: Anna Query, Heather Gibson, Nicol Constantino, Brooke Raos, Macrena Mon. NOT PICTURED: Caroline Caudill. 


HOLT DORM: Michelle Oppegaard, Beth Herring, Mary Norvell Hope 



SMEDES: Front Row: Peri Potkovick, Becca George, Elizabeth Killen, Emily Jenkins Middle Row: Amy Snipes, Brooke Bohannon, Eliza Pittman, Sinclair 
'owler, Angela Englebert, Back Row: Millicent Mooring, Anna Carstarphen, Alice Grey Odom, Charis Saunders, Fiquet Bailey 



Mary Pat Phillips, Maggie Bitter, Sally Lowder, Sara Voelker, Anne Glenn, Mary Beth Mauldin. 


Anna Carstarphen, Virginia Bullock, Nancy Hill, Judith Freeman, Angela Englebert, Katie Garrett, Emily Dillon, 
JulieAnne Arnold, Cyndi Akers. NOT PICTURED: Lindley D'Alonzo, Jennifer Erwin, Holly Evans, Amy Snipes. 



Lucy Coleman, Laura Park, Margaret Taylor, Charts Saunders, Anna Whitley, Emily Dillon, Kendy Allen, Kumiko 
Kawata, Anne Glenn, Allison Partridge, Alice Gray Odom, Kate Mays. NOT PICTURED: Wallace Batton, Caroline 
Caudill, Holly Evans, Shannon Jenkins, Louise Jonas, Meghan Krell, Kim Newman, Evelyn Way, Lynn Pritchett, 
Margaret Rowell, Alex Seago, Melissa Sutton. 

The Vesty is a group of college and 
high school students elected annu- 
ally by their peers. They oversee 
and implement the chapel pro- 
grams by working closely with the 
Chaplain. As in other Episcopal 
Churches, the Vestry is the govern- 
ing body. These girls make an im- 
portant contribution to the spirit of 
Saint Mary's and are responsible 
for leaving other students with 
warm memories which last a life- 


It is with a great deal of sadness and reluctance that the 
Saint Mary's community bids farewell to Chaplain Janet 
Watrous. Chaplain Watrous spent nine years at Saint 
Mary's, contributing to campus life in countless ways. 
The student body voted Chaplain Watrous the recipient 
of the prestigious Student Life Award for 1993-94. This 
award is in recognition of outstanding involvement in 
student life outside the classroom. Chaplain Watrous's 
door was always open to students who had problems or 
just wanted to talk. Her official duties included all Chapel 
programs, supervision of the Vestry, organization of vol- 
unteer work in the Raleigh community, as well as coun- 


Phi Theta Kappa 

Phi Theta Kappa is a group of 
outstanding college students who 
carry a full academic load and have 
a cumulative average of 3.5 or 
better. Saint Mary's group of Phi 
Theta Kappa are members of the 
Chi Beta Chapter of Phi Theta 
Kappa National Honor Fraternity of 
American Junior Colleges. Phi Theta 
Kappa also stipulates that for 
membership eligibility "a student 
shall be of good, moral character 
and shall possess recognized 
qualities of citizenship, and shall 
have established academic 
excellence as judged by the faculty." 

Front Row: Amy Honeycutt, Ashley Degner, Jenny Jarr, Ashlev Bell, Megan Hotze. Middle Row: Kendy Allen-Co. President, Anna Whitley-Co. President, 
Joanna Weatherman, Sandy Calves, Lauren Blaney, Catherine Hair. Back Row: Elise Morgan, Brennan Moseley, Charlotte Kosanin, Alison Leifh, Beth Herring, 
Katie O'Neal, Mrs. Georgette Campbell. NOT PICTURED: Jeannie Jackson, Emmalee Jones. 

High School National Honor Society 

The purpose of the High School 
Honor Society is to recognize and to 
encourage scholarship, and to 
promote those qualities of character 
reflective of the best in Saint Mary's 
history. Members are students who 
are working toward a high school 
diploma. Students eligible for 
membership have a cumulative 
average of 3.75 or more after one 
semester or at least 3.50 after two or 
more semesters. Membership is 
based on scholarship with due 
regard to character and honor. 

Front Row: Beth Miller, Anna Carstarphen, Judith Freeman, Millicent Mooring, Alice Grey Odom. Middle Row: Emily Dillon, Margaret Taylor, Katherine 
Watson. Back Row: Emily Jenkins, Virginia Bullock, Boo Shepard, Jerilyn Cvjetnicanin, Elizabeth Olson, Sarah Corbitt, Lindley D'Alonzo, Margaret Rowell. 
NOT PICTURED: Kathryn Barger, Hope Dangerfield, Nancy Hill, Catherine Jefcoat, Sherri Joyner, Jennifer L. Lewis, Lindsey Reynolds, Elizabeth Spratt, Leslie 
Wagstaff, Jennifer Zahren, Mary Harper Best, Catherine Fowler, Alicia Isenberg, Megan Krell, Kimberly Kulers, Danielle Little, Emily McQueen, Laura 
Montgomery, Elizabeth Parker, Charts Saunders, Ashley Smith, Rebecca Ward, Kitty Watkins, Evelyn Way, Keira Williams, Lauren Williams, Laura Raynor, 
Jennifer A. Lewis, Alicia Carroll, Raven McDonald, Stephanie Abee, Rebecca McConnell, Cee Sidler, Courtney Weill, Jocelyn Fuller, Adrianne Stone. 


High School French Honor Society 

Advisor: Dr. Lucy Melboume-Magdy; Leigh Stuckey, Alex Seago, Nancy Hill, Margaret Rowell, Peri Potkovick, Holly Evans. NOT PICTURED: 
Kebbie Barger, Alicia Carroll, Sam Katen, Melissa Kiltie, Danielle Little, Becky McConnell, Annika Schauer, Adrianne Stone, Melissa Sutton 
Rebecca Ward, Kitty Watkins. 

High School Spanish Honor Society 

Advisor: Mrs. Karen Hillman; Emily Dillon, Katerine Watson, Cameron Kirkland, Anna Carstarphen. NOT PICTURED: Virginia Bullock, Anne 
Connell, Lindley D'Alonzo, Catherine Fowler, Alicia Isenberg, Catherine Jefcoat, Emily P. Jenkins, Mary Susan Jones, Jennifer Lewis, Emily 
Lauren McQueen, Beth Miller, Lindsey Reynolds, Rebecca Rocque, Colleen Sheridan, Ashley Smith, Jessica Thomas, Keira Williams. 



Susan Stone, Allison Partridge, Catherine Hair, Ellie Jarman, Anne Glenn, Lauren Blaney, Louisa Hickman. NOT PICTURED: Jennifer 
Kulin, Michelle Smith, Radford Perry. 



Angie DeMario, Rebecca Ward, Jane Twamley, Cyndi Warren, Margaret Taylor, Ginny Jackson, Helen Banzet, Jane Smith, Amy Kilgore, 
Kendy Allen, Danielle Ruffino, Fiquet Bailey, Kitty Watkins, Julie Morgan, Cee Sidler, Millicent Mooring^ Jean Lyndon, Mary Norvell 
Hope, Mary Harvard Nolde, Meghan Krell, Courtney Weill, Leslie Wagstaff, Ashley Smith, Alice Gray Odom, Jeannine Eason, Mamie 
Metts, Jessica Thomas. NOT PICTURED: Cyndi Akers, Alicia Isenberg, Sara Givens. 


Elizabeth Olson, Millicent Mooring, Jill Hardee, Evelyn Way, Dee Dee Washington, Kim Kulers, Courtney Weill, Lyn Cvjetnicanin. 

The mission of the Fine Arts Club is to promote the arts 
on campus and to provide opportunities who possess 
similar interests in that area. At the invitation of the 
Fine Art Club many local artists have spoken on 
campus on subjects ranging from theatre production 
to art. The club tries to plan at least one activity a 
month and has attended museums and theatrical and 
musical performances. The club is proud of its impact 
on the Saint Mary's community. 

Fine Arts Club members behind the scenes at the play Shadowlands. 



Directed by Dr. Wylie S. Quinn, 
III (pictured), the Saint Mary's 
Chorale sings for school and 
community functions. Their 
performances include a variety of 
traditional and contemporary 
pieces. The audience is always 
awed by the lovely music this 
hardworking group presents. 
Sometimes Dr. Quinn dresses up 
to make a point! 

Chorale members are Kendy Allen, Elisa 
Esposito, Jamie Griswold, Jennifer Harris, 
Samantha Katen, Beth Miller, Elizabeth 
Olson, Michelle Oppegaard, Lindsey 
Reynolds, Brennie Sharpe, Baxter 
Wagner, and Evelyn Way. 


Amy Grandis, Holly Mason, Kitty 
Watkins, Mary Kelly Teague, Amy 
Beasley, Jeannine Eason, Katie Harris. 

Amy Grandis, Holly Mason, Kitty 
Watkins, Mary Kelly Teague, Anne 
Powell, Amy Beasley, Jeannine Eason, 

Katie Harris. 

Under the direction of Antonia 
Beh, The Performing Dance 
Ensemble meets regularly to 
prepare for performances 
presented to students, parents 
and the community. A 
highlight of the year is the 
production during Fine Arts 
Week each spring. 

S.A.D.D. Beth Miller, Eliza Pittman, Catherine Watson, Anna Carstarphen, Emily Jenkins, Margaret Taylor, Cameron Kirkland, Rebecca Ward, Liz 
Spratt, Millicent Mooring, Jeannine Eason, Mamie Metts, Evelyn Way. NOT PICTURED: Judith Freeman, Jenny Lewis, Alice Gray Odom. 

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Amy Macchiavema, Courtney Weill, Evelyn Way, Millicent Mooring, Cee Sidler, Margaret Taylor, Boo Shepard, Jill 
Hardee, Jennifer Jones, Emily Dillon, Judith Freeman, Margaret Rowell, Mamie Metts, Meghan Krell, Alice Gray Odom, Sarah Corbitt, Beth Miller, 
Jeannine Eason, Liz Spratt. 



The Environmental Club promotes environmental 
awareness throughout the community. This year's 
club worked on Habitat for Humanity, donated food 
to the food Bank of North Carolina, and donated 
money to save the rain forests. The club was very 
active in the student body as they provided helpful 
ways to save the earth and its inhabitants. 

Jenny Lewis, Kristy Rawls, Dickens Whitley, Michelle Oppegaard. 


The Atlas Club was established to 
help the International students adjust 
to a campus culture different from 
their own. Students come from around 
the world to attend SMC and this 
support group is well used. The club 
meets to help students understand the 
events going on around them, 
whether it is studying, local news, 
relationships, or lingo. The club is a 
great opportunity for foreign students 
to meet others from their own country 
and to explore new countries and 

Kumiko Kawata, Advisor Georgette Campbell, 
Mayumi Okura, Shannon D' Amour, Jenny Jaar, 
Lois Spencer, Ema Correia, Kaoru Koiwa, 
Arabella Renner, President Nami Shiraishi, 
Maiko Noda. 



College Stagecoach editor Emmy 
Teague almost dropped the class 
when she heard what was going to be 
expected of her. In one class period 
she jumped from protester to editor. 
Right behind her came the un- 
suspecting Amy Warren, co-editor. 
Danielle Little and Harper Best be- 
came editors of The Belles. Even 
though the entire group of 20 was re- 
sponsible for the production of both 
publications, by January it was clear 

who the newspaper folks were and 
who the yearbook folks were. 

The Belles staff was aptly assisted 
first semester by what became The 
Stagecoach staff. They managed to 
get out a paper a month, missing just 
a few deadlines here and there. 

The Stagecoach crew, most of 
whom are in the picture of the 
pyramid, almost had it finished by 
graduation, despite setbacks like 
Copy Editor Suzanne Clark flushing 

months of writing out of her com- 
puter. Emmy and Danielle both came 
back after school was out to wrap 
things up. Even though she was not 
in the class, Nancy Hill ended up 
putting in a tremendous number of 

We all agree that this year was 
quite a learning experience and are 
grateful that a lot of us who learned 
will be back to do it again next year! 

Kendy Allen, Suzanne Carter, Anna Whitley, Amy Warren, Mason 
Waites, Emmy Teague, Megan Hotze, Shannon Gardner. NOT PIC- 
TURED: JulieAnne Arnold, Harper Best, Sarah Corbitt, Grayson Hux, 
Jennifer Kulin, Danielle Little, Dee McCoy, Hillary McGee, Elise Morgan, 
Robin Powell, Hadley Watson, Adrienne Skarzynski, Karen (Judy) Work, 
and Anna Rogerson. 







The Order of the Circle was organized in 1938, 
and continues to remain strong today. As the 
Circle symbolizes unity, so does the purpose of 
this organization. Circle promotes a spirit of 
cooperation among students, faculty, and staff. 
The group is formed of high standards of service, 
fellowship, citizenship, and scholarship. Many 
students view the members of Circle in high re- 
gard and hope that they will someday be chosen 
to join. 

Laura Park, JJ Jones, Dee 
McCoy, Vice President 
Lucy Coleman, President 
Sally Lowder, Allison 
Leitn, Joanna 
Weatherman, Secretary 
Amy Kilgore, Treasurer 
Lauren Blaney, Hillary 
McGee, Sara Voelker, 
Mary Beth Mauldin. 


Silent S 

Elisa Esposito, Mary Beth Mauldin, Missy 
Sullivan, Anne Green, Meredith Toomes, Al- 
lison Britt, Sandy Calves, Vice President Kate 
Porter, Mary Pat Phillips, Advisor Elizabeth 
Van Dyke, Secretary/Treasurer , Margery 
Knott, Allison Partridge, Kendy Allen. 

Silent S was founded by the sophomores from the class of 1989, and has been kept a 
secret club ever since. The club recognizes students who exemplify and uphold excellent 
moral conduct on and off the campus of Saint Mary's. The members of Silent S are known 
for their responsibility, honesty, sincerity, and virtues. The club volunteers their time and 
effort to boost the school's spirit and morale. Silent S has helped many people this past year 
through their volunteer work at the Phone- A-Thon and Octoberfest. Every year it becomes 
harder and harder to fill the shoes of the previous officers, but Silent S always seems to 
come through. 


DOT Baxter Wagner, Secretary/Trea- 
surer Cami Prendergast, Vice President 
Ellie Jarman, President Allison Hyde, 
Jennifer Rouse, Karen Work, Margery 
Knott, Shannon Gardner, Susan Tavlor, 
Missv Sullivan, Emmy Teague, Sally 
Lowder, Mary Beth Maudin. 


MAPS is a social club which promotes 
school spirit. It is a group of college 
sophomores who wear hats, long coats, and 
sunglasses at their walks. They have three 
walks a year in which they add new members 
or pass on their positions to underclassmen. 





Abra Ca Dabra 

Ellie Jarman, Mason Waites, Megan Hotze, Andrea 
Staunch, Maggie Bitter, Katie O'Neal, JJ Jones, Shay 
Rabon, Shannon Gardner, Beth Prince, Anna Whitley, 
President Stacey Stallard, Vice President Sara Voelker, 
Secretary/Treasurer Lauren Blaney, Hillary McGee, Sally 

Throughout the school and community Abra Ca 
Dabra shared with others in many ways. The members 
of Abra Ca Dabra expressed the excitement of school 
spirit, and were always concerned with helping 
others. Abra Ca Dabra provided assistance to those 
less fortunate through food and clothing donations. 
They also experienced a lot of fun and laughs during 
the Octoberfest carnival. Abra Ca Dabra members 
share a bond that will not be forgotten, even after Saint 
Mary's is left behind. 


Original Member Amy Mcllvain, Liz 
Grant, Original Member JJ Jones, Pres- 
ident Anne Glenn, Secretary/Treasurer 
Susan Stone, Shay Rabon, Jennifer 
Kulin, Sara Voelker, Original Member 
Maggie 'Bitter, Robin Powell, Anna 
Whitley, Rhenev Rabon, Stacey Stallard, 
Adrienne Skarzynski, Katie O'Neal, 
Mason Waites. NOT PICTURED: Lauren 
Blaney, Darien Alger, Radford Perry. 

.. "^pr 

, 4 



m ' 


HBjr ^■^3f 



WATS is a social club comprised of college 
sophomores. It promotes spirit throughout 
the community. During the year WATS 
sponsors a 50's dinner, a slide show, and 
booths for Spirit Week and Spring Fling. 
WATS is an organization which provides 
members with an opportunity to meet new 
people in various social settings. 


Cold Cuts 

Cold Cuts has survived since 1959 and is strong this year as it has ever 
been. The 93-94 Cold Cuts began the tradition of the "Original Nine" 
instead of seven. By the end of the year they were 15 strong and proudly 
displayed their colors of teal green overalls and peach t-shirts. They 
rehearsed five nights a week this year in preparation for their numerous 
performance both on and off campus. They showed their colors in Pittman 
in September thus kicking off a year full of performances. Other on 
campus performances this year included Parents Day, visitation days for 
prospective students, Octoberfest, Mother-Daughter Day, a spring 
performance in the dining hall, and their final performance on front 
campus. Off-campus, the group performed for several nursing homes in 
Raleigh and Fuquay-Varina and for the Exxon Board of directors at the 
Carolina Country Club. We hate to see this year's group graduate, but we 
look forward to next year's Cold Cuts. 

Mary Virginia Swain Director of Com- 

Andrea Staunch, Beth Prince, Beth 
Huber, Kumiko Kawata, Anna Query, 
Kendy Allen, Ann Green, Allison Britt, 
Susan Taylor, L'il Darlin' Elisa Esposito, 
President Cami Prendergast, Sandy 
Calves, Secretary/Treasurer Margery 
Knott. NOT PICTURED: Rheney Rabon. 



SecretaryATreasurer Anna Query, Anne Connell, President Lucy 
White, Jennifer Kulin, Lucy Coleman, Holly Evans, Hilary 
McGee, Ann Glenn, Susan Stone, Heather Gibson, Sara 
McClure, Sasha Posten, Brooke Ramos, Helen Banzet, Liz John- 
son, Eliza Pittman, Catherine Watson, Jeannie Jackson, Jennifer 
Koch, Wallace Batton, Amy Warren, Mary Catherine Gentry, 
Elizabeth Killen, Hadley' Watson. NOT PICTURED: Sara 
Voelker, Elisa Esposito, Fleur Optekamp, Jennifer Alexander, 
Cassie Warrington, Jill Kumper, Stacy Smith, Emmye Taft, Liz 


^ L 



Cyndi Akers, Julie Anne Arnold, Sarah Corbitt, Margaret Rowell, Graham James, Brooke 
Bohannon, Laura Ross, Margaret Taylor, Elizabeth Killen, Ann Connell, Secretarv/Treasurer Anne 
Thurston Debnam, President Emily Jenkins, Vice President Eliza Pittman. NOT PICTURED: Peri 
Potkovick, Virginia Bullock, Elizabeth Olson, Alice Gray Odom, Margaret McGlohon (Honorary 
Member, 1994). 



Beacon is the high school leadership 
organization, and as such represents one 
of the highest honors a Saint Mary's girl 
can attain. The purpose is synonymous 
with its name, that is, to be a shining ex- 
ample of all that is good about Saint 
Mary's and to embody the school's spirit 
and values. Beacon members also strive 
to encourage all members of Saint 
Mary's community to involve them- 
selves in the school, and to feel a genuine 
love for and devotion to Saint Mary's. 



m i 

S.H.A.R.E. is a high school social club 
that is active in campus life. The mem- 
bers attend all other high school walks 
and sporting events in their efforts to en- 
courage school spirit among the rest of 
the students. They are easily recognized 
by their pig-tails, smiling faces, and 
S.H.A.R.E. shirts. 

Angela Englebert, Original Member Nancy Hill, 
Margaret Taylor, Emily Dillon, Amy Snipes, Saint 
Mary Peri Potkovik, Katie Garrett, Margaret 
Rowell, Emily Jenkins, Susanna Ward, President 
Holly Evans, Treasurer JulieAnne Arnold, Vice 
President Becca George, Original Member Cyndi 
Akers, Original Member Anna Carstarphen. NOT 
PICTURED: Cameron Kirkland, Beth Miller, Eliza 
Pittman, Tracy Ivey, Amy Maccheiaverna, Jean- 
nine Eason. 

Spiders is a high school social club which was founded in 1972. It consists of seniors 
only, except for one college sophomore, "The Madam Spider." Spiders has a secret 
meaning which is only known by members after they have been chosen to join. The 
mystery of Spiders has remained a secret for years. The club has four walks a year 
and is highly involved in on-campus and off-campus activities. 

Peri Potkovik, Cyndi Akers, JulieAnne Arnold, Treasurer Elizabeth Killen, Secretary Sarah Orbitt, Parlamentarian Brook Bohannon, 
Member Amber Harris, Alice Gray Odom, Dee Dee Washington, President Emily Dillon. NOT PICTURED: Liz Grant, Catherine 
Jefcoat, Dayna Edwards, Amber Ramsey, Jennifer Zahren, Amy Mackie, Boo Shepard 



Jeannine Eason, Tracy Ivey, Anna j 
Carstarphen, Jennifer Rasmo- 
vich, Jennifer Ormsby, Katherine 
Watson, Anne Thurston De- 
bnam, Emily Jenkins, Becca 
George, Kebbie Barger, Original 
Member Laura Ross, President 
Katie Garrett, Treasurer Holly 
Newcomb, Secretary Cameron 
Kirkland. NOT PICTURED: 
Jennifer Erwin, Susanna Ward, 
Nancy Hill, Graham James, Liz 
Spratt, Margaret Taylor. 




oATt t> 

Undatettes is a high school social club which promotes social activities and school 
spirit. The club is for seniors only. They have three walks a year and also an officer 
walk. The girls are known for their outfits, which consist of silk boxer shorts, fish net 
stockings, garter belts, and rain coats. 




The Serenitas Veritas members, as shown 
above, are Anne Glenn, Stacey Smith, 
Amy Kilgore, Elisa Esposito, Baxter 
Wagner, Margaret Taylor, Macarena Mon, 
Sandy Calves, Kate Porter, Joanna 
Weatherman, Alison Britt, and Connie 

The Serenitas Veritas leaves small 
gifts, words of encouragement, 
and signs of compassion all across 
the Saint Mary's campus. They 
promote the true spirit of the 
school. No one outside the group 
knows who belongs to Serenitas 
Veritas, which translates from the 
Spanish to "quiet truth. " Frequent- 

ly, a faculty member opens his or 
her mailbox to find a note that says 
"We appreciate all you do for Saint 
Mary's. S.V." Students receive 
pencils and other tokens through- 
out the year. It is amazing how a 
gesture as simple as a note can 
make an entire week seem bright- 





Emily Dillon, Margaret Miller, Graham James, Sara Givens, Jane Smith, Cee Sidler, Laura Raynor, Liz Johnson, 
President Lucy Coleman, Treasurer Anna Carstarphen, Toccoa Choate, Joanna Weatherman, Louise Jonas, 
Allison Leith, Emily Jenkins, Anne Connell, Sinclair Fowler, Evelyn Way, Fiquet Bailey, Nancy Hill, Francis 
Carstarhen, Jennifer Zahren, Andrea Staunch, Mary Pat Phillips, Meridith Toomes, Austin Staunch, Julie John- 
son, Jennifer Rouse, Emmy Teague, Ashley Dawson, Tate Tattersal. NOT PICTURED: Ann Green, Catherine 
Wright, Boo Shepard, Harper Best, Liz Grant, Alston Hoover, Emily Jackson, Elise Morgan, Helen Nobles, 
Michelle Smith, Brimmage Spruill, Mary Williams, Cassie Warrington, Cooper Thornhill, Emmye Taft. 

The Granddaughters Club consists of students who are direct descend- 
ants of Saint Mary's alumnae. The club was established in 1909 for the pur- 
pose of keeping close ties with Alumnae Association, continuing the tradi- 
tions of the college, building new traditions, and promoting school spirit. 
The projects that the members are responsible for are sending Halloween 
treats to the student body each year, placing the luminaries for Lighting O' 
the Grove, helping with the annual party given to the graduating college 
class by the Saint Mary's Alumnae Association, and presenting a chapel 
service, as well as other campus projects throughout the year. 





* V 


The 1994 College Team, led by sopho- 
mores Anne Glenn and Stacey Stal- 
lard, finished the spring season with a 
strong 5-4 win over arch rival Mere- 
dith College. Anne and freshman 
Brooke Ramos pulled out the last 
doubles match to wrap-up the vic- 
tory. It was a sweet end to an up and 
down season for a very young Saints 
team. Victories over Greensboro Col- 
lege and Mary Baldwin were high- 
lights for the nine member squad. 
Next year's team will miss the play of 
Anne, who has been strong member 
of the high school and college teams, 
and Stacey, who was a two year col- 
lege starter. Starters back for next year 
will include Mary Harvard Nolde, 
Luci White and Nicole Kerr. 

Lucy White, Helen Banzet, Anne Glenn, Brooke Ramos, Cyndi Warren, Nicole Kerr, 
Stacey Stallard, Mary Harvard Nolde. NOT PICTURED: Gaelle Widmer, Kim Newman 


The 1994 College Tennis Team celebrates with coach Jessica Gammon after a 

season finale win over Meredith College. 

Anne Glenn waits on the baseline for a serve in her 
last match for Saint Mary's. She was a highly 
successful member of both the high school and 
college tennis teams. 



















L M 



Front Row 

Row: Hadley Watson, Maiko Noda, Stephanie Phillips, Emilv McQueen, Ruth Hearn. Back Row: Coach Jessica Gammon, Holly 
, Virginia Bullock, Adrianne Stone, Julie Johnson, Sara McCluri 

ire. NOT PICTURED: Emmye Taft, Melissa Butler, 

Emily McQueen demonstrates her per- 
fect form as she serves to an opponent. 

The High School Tennis Team continued a long 
tradition of producing winning tennis teams and top 
notch players, finishing tied for the Piedmont Athletic 
Conference of Independent Schools championship 
and sixth in the state tournament. Led by Conference 
Player of the Year, Maido Noda and Conference Coach 
of the Year, Jessica Gammon, the team finished 11-1 
overall. Maiko won the state tournament playing the 
number one singles position. Junior Emily McQueen 
and Sophomore Adrianne Stone finished second in 
the state at number three doubles. Junior Ruth Hearn 
was a semifinalist at number five singles. Seniors Vir- 
ginia Bullock and Holly Evans will be key losses for 
next year's team, but a strong group of juniors, sopho- 
mores, and promising new players will carry on the 
Saint Mary's tennis tradition. 

Wins and Losses 

Cardinal Gibbons 




Jreensboro Day 


alem Academy 


. McGuinness 


!ape Fear 










Cardinal Gibbons 


Durham Academy 


State Tournament 6th place out of 16 

Emmye Taft plays on the home court to 
win another match. 






Kneeling: Kristy Rawls, Corey Mapes, Jenny Lewis, Elizabeth Stark. Standing: Emmalee Jones, Coach Blanche Hancock, Dickens 
Whitley, Dayna Edwards, Hope Dangerheld, Nicole Loucks, and Manager Tracey Ivey. NOT PICTURED: Harper Best 






The volleyball, coach and players were all brand 
new! It is obvious from the photograph of Corey 
Mapes, Kristy Rawls, Hope Dangefield and Ni- 
cole Loucks that the team did not lack intensity. 
Their ability to stay focused was a hallmark of 
their season. Coach Blanche Hancock was ex- 
tremely pleased with the progress her team girls 
make an important contribution to the spirit of 
Saint Mary's and are responsible for leaving 
other students with warm memories they take 
with them for the rest of their lives. 

As a result of working closely together, 
friendships developed that outlasted the 
volleyball season. Harper Best and Laura 
Raynor, standouts on the team, exemplify 
the bond that forms among teammates. 

Jenny Lewis exhibits 
fine technique in her 


When Coach Davis Dillon gathered his new basketball team around him 
only one member, Margaret Rowell, had played the year before for Saint 
Mary's. Of the remaining ten, four, Nancy Hill, Amy Macciaverna, Jenni- 
fer Lewis and Cameron Kirkland were absolute rookies. However, this 
team finished the season with an overall 13-7 record. Emily Jenkins was 
named to the second team All-Conference team, while Raven McDonald 
won an Honorable Mention. 

Nancy Hill goes up for the shot, as 
Margaret Taylor gets set for the re- 

Seated: Amy Macchiaverna, Cap- 
tains Margaret Taylor and Cam- 
eron Kirkland, Becca George, 
Emily McQueen. Kneeling: Ruth 
Hearn, Emily Jenkins, Tracey 
Ivey, Nancy Hill, Raven McDon- 
ald, Jennifer Lewis. Standing: 
Coach Davis Dillon. NOT PIC- 
TURED: Nationally Certified 
Trainer LISA! 

Amy Macchiaverna, Jennifer Lewis, Becca George, Emily 
McQueen, Margaret Taylor, Coach Dave Dillon, and Assistant 
Coach/Scorekeeper Ed Matheiu watch the action on the court. 




i at an 

"' r ((t 




Another new team at 
Saint Mary's during 
the 1993-94 school 
year was the Swim 
Team. These diligent 
young women prac- 
ticed long hours 
every day, even com- 
ing in at six a.m. on 
Fridays so they could 
have the afternoon 
off! Coach Kim 
Piontek was delight- 
ed with the progress 
that her team made 
as the season came to 
a close. With six 
sophomores on this 
team, Coach Piontek 
has a head-start on 
next year. 

Standing: Rebecca Ward, Ashley Smith, Linda 
Lawson and Coach Kim Piontek. Seated on rail- 
ing: Laura Montgomery, Becky McConnell, 
Kyrstin Krist, Lyn Cvjetnicanin, Jocelyn Fuller. 
NOT PICTURED: Annika Schauer, Katie Mar- 
shall, Ashley Twiggs, Katie Griffin and Heather 


Kneeling: Becky McConnell, Jessica Thomas, Rebecca Ward, Cameron Kirkland, Kyrstin Krist, Raven McDonald, Ashely Smith, 
Jennifer Lewis. Standing: Manager Laura Montgomery, Melissa Sutton, Cary Maybach, Ruth Hearn, Linda Lawson, Nancy Hill, 
Kristen Mitchell, Kelly Karras, Becca George, Manager Tracey Ivey and Coach Davis Dillon. NOT PICTURED: Marnie Metts, Sara 
Vivian, Liz Johnson, Emmye Taft, Hadley Watson, Assistant Coach Bob Mitchell, Managers Millicent Mooring and Aubrey 
Turner, Nationally Certified Trainer LISA! 


Wins and Losses 


Charlotte Latin 

Forsyth Day 

Durham Academy 

Cardinal Gibbons 

Greensboro Day 


H.P. Wesleyan 

Cape Fear 

Durham Academy 

Cardinal Gibbons 

Bishop McGinnis 

Cardinal Gibbons 

Salem Academy 


State Playoffs: Saints vs 

Charlotte Country Day, 

4-1 and Saints vs. D.A., 


More than forty girls tried out for the 1993-94 soccer team, 
coached by Davis Dillon! The fledgling team had only three 
players return from last year and brought together a group 
who had never worked together before. 

They were AWESOME! Liz Johnson (Upper left), Jennifer 
Lewis (Center), and Ruth Hearn (Lower left) were three of 
the team members who helped Saint Mary's capture the 
number three spot in the state. Ruth Hearn has the dis- 
tinction of being the only Saint Mary's student to play a 
sport from the first week of school until two weeks after the 
official school year ended. Her tennis season overlapped 
basketball and basketball overlapped soccer. 

Raven McDonald and Kelly Karras made the 1994 All- 
Conference team, with Raven winning the honor of the 
player of the year for the conference. Dave Dillon was 
named Co-Coach of the year for the conference. Raven, 
Kelly and Kyrstin Krist made the All Region team. Raven 
made the All-State team, with Kelly Karras receiving 
Honorable Mention. Sophomores Raven McDonald, Jenni- 
fer Lewis, Kelly Karras, Kyrstin Krist, and Kristen Mitchell 
earned state, regional and national honors playing Select 
Soccer for local teams. 

Speed and agility were the 
main components that led the 
Saint Mary's soccer team to 
such a successful season. 
Cameron Kirkland (above) 
races toward our goal. Raven 
McDonald, (below) one of the 
leading scorers for Saint 
Mary's team, swings wide as 
she goes in for a goal. 





College Marshall Suzanne Jones, dressed in white organdy with the Saint Mary's blue sash, drops the 
handkerchief on the front porch of Smedes Hall while the faculty looks on. 


One of Saint Mary's outstanding features is its 
gTasp on tradition. Even though change is inevi- 
table, Saint Mary's has worked very hard to main- 
tain the qualities that make it such a unique place. 
Most of the events at Saint Mary's such as club 
walks, recitals, classes, social functions, as well as 
life in general contain a large piece of the school's 
history. Perhaps the most traditional event at Saint 
Mary's, however, occurs only once (maybe twice) 
in the life of a Saint Mary's girl. That special event 
is, of course, graduation. 

The first Saint Mary's commencement was held 
in 1879. "The most thrilling of public occasions 
were those of commencement week at Saint 
Mary's. When the concerts and other entertain- 
ments drew crowds." Commencement day was a 

lot more serious, however, as graduates in long 
white dresses filed into Smedes Parlor to read their 
senior essays. Afterwards, the school proceeded to 
the chapel to hear the honor roll and distinctions 
read by Aldert Smedes. Then, the main address 
was given, usually by the bishop of North Car- 
olina. Next, the graduates were given their di- 
plomas, tied with blue and white ribbons. After 
each girl had received her diploma, the graduates 
knelt before the bishop for the benediction. Follow- 
ing this was a recessional hymn. Then, "It was all 
over but the parting and the tears and the love that 
we will always have for our Alma Mater," wrote a 
1895 graduate. 

There are many events that occur at com- 
mencement which are symbolic even today. The 

newly elected chief marshal still drops the tradi- 
tional handkerchief. In the 1970's a "new tradition" 
was added by closing the front doors of Smedes 
hall to signify the end of another academic year, 
which is done after the handkerchief is dropped. 
Even though the commencement exercises are 
held in front of Smedes, and not in the Parlor as 
they were over 100 years ago, the graduation itself 
still contains most of the same rituals as it did in 
1879. The history and symbolism play important 
roles in the ceremony because commencement is 
not only a day of excitement and anticipation for 
the future that lies ahead, but it is also a remem- 
brance and love for this place that the graduates are 
leaving behind. 

— Dee McCoy 

After the handkerchief has been dropped, two 
of the marshalls close the heavy doors to 
Smedes to symbolize the end of the 1993-1994 
school year. 

As she walks to receive her diploma, each graduating high 
school student places an iris in a brass vase given by the sopho- 
more class of 1987. Here the girls hold their flowers as Dean 
Hume presents the class to Dr. Jenkins. 

Time stands still as marshalls Lucy White and 
Stacey Smith lead the procession of high school 
seniors around the circle. Amy Machiaverna 
and Cecily Luta follow. 

College sophomores link arms and sway as 
they sing the school hymn as Saint Mary's 
students for the very last time. Some choked 
back tears. 












Jennifer, what a joy vou have been, but what gift has 
Providence bestowed on man that is so dear to him as 
his children? 
"We love vou!" Your familv 


Congratulations Kendy' 

We are so proud of vou and vour accomplishments at 
Saint Mary's. The verv best wishes next year at Car- 
Mom and Kenny 


"Good job. Fireball! 
Love Always, 

Mom and Dad" 


Congratulations on your gradu- 
ation and the first step to a 
happy and successful future. 
You are the daughter every 
mother wishes for and I am so 
proud of you. Thank you for the 
joy, the laughter and most of all 
for being my friend. Stay as 
wonderful as you are and don't 
ever give up your dreams. I love 
you, Mom 


Julieanne, vou are one of those people whose dreams 

will become reality 


Mom, Dad, and Brian 


We're so very proud of you . . . persistence pays! 


Mom, Dad, George 


To someone as caring and feeling as you are, we wish 
that the future brings equally caring and feeling 
people to help you accomplish your goals in life 
Thanks for being ")ust you' 
Love you — always 
Mom, Dad, Beth & Gizmo 



We're so proud of vour accomplishments, and of the 

very special person you are Know that we love you 

with all our hearts, and that we'll always be here for 

you. Congratulations! 


Mom, Dad & Heather 



"Beauty is not a need for an ecstasy It is not mouth 
thirsting nor an empty hand stretched forth, but rather 
a heart enflamed and soul enchanted . " (Gibran) Infi- 
nite love for a beautiful daughter. Mom 


As vour accomplishments grow, vour fish and vour 

pretty smiles are going to get bigger and bigger — 

Congratulations Pappy! Yean! 


Dad and jane 


We are often judged by our greatest achievements. 

You dear Virginia, are one of our's . . 


Mom, Dad, & John 

*' \i 


- ■ 






f .iA 


We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Mac, Granny & Pop 


Congratulations to a very special girl' We are so proud 
of you, and we love you dearly. 
Mom, Dad, & Tess 




I'm very proud of all vour accomplishments 

I love you. 




To Si Si Rider — 

"The prettiest girl in the whole-wide world'' 


Rivo-Bevo, Beverley, & Dad 


Laura, Laura, why so shy? 

Why do you wring your hands 7 

Don't you know the world stands by. 

Awaiting your beckoned commands' 1 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Jack & Shelton 


Hey Lyn! I'm proud to have been through it all with 

you Keep trying to keep up with me It's been a 

winning formula so far 


Your "older" sister, 




To Sweet "Little Lvn," 

Off you go! You earned the privilege of your education through 

diligent effort and focused intent We are so pleased and so 

humbled that God entrusted you to our care. Of all the things we 

admire and cherish about vou, by far the most significant is vour 

gift of compassion Mav God grant you many years! 

Mom, Dad, Jamien Rose, and vour Guardian Angel 


Oh wave on high this bright diploma. 

For Lindlev's hit a high school noma' 

She's past first (classes), second (sports), and third 


'Go Go' each tan exhorts. 

She crosses home and runs for college. 

Pursuing ever increasing knowledge. 




A A 


Congratulations to our fun, tree-spirited little sweet- 
heart! You are so very special!! 
We love you — always. 
Mom, Dad, & Marv Paul 


We are so very proud of you! 

Love always, ' 

Dad & Mom. Stephen & Toby J. 


Beautiful Faces are those that wear — 

It matters little if dark or fair — 

Whole-souled honesty printed there. 

Beautiful eves are those that show. 

Like crystal panes where hearthfires glow. 

Beautiful lives are those that bless 

Silent rivers of happiness. 

Whose hidden fountains but few mav guess. 

Beautiful twilight at set of sun. 

Beautiful goal with race well won. 

Beautiful rest with work well done. 

My feeling of love and pnde for vou are boundless 1 



May the future, with all its challenges 
Inspire vou to great heights 
That vour dreams envision. 
Mom & Dad 


We are so proud of our little monkey 1 
We Love You Very Much, 
Mama & Sam 


Congratulations Jennifer' 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad and Missy 


We're so proud of vou 1 Never stop trying to achieve 

vour goals! 


Mom, Dad and Dommick 



Always reaching for a new high! 


Mom & Dad 

To our little sister. Go for it! 

Pam Evans Odom '78 

Vicky Evans Elliott 78 


Wishing you every good thing in life as you complete 
this part of your journey 
Love always and always, 


Sinclair Fowler on her first birthday! 

We love you more everyday and are so very proud of 


Mom, Cooper fir Maurice 



Mom and Dad 


"Never, never forget that whatever vou can believe, 
vou can achieve " 
Mom & Dad 


"To hope and dream is not to ignore the practical, it is 

to dress it in colors and rainbows" — Always follow 

your dreams, Kane bug! 

We love you — 

Mom fit Dad, Matt, Amy fit Jeremy 





"To love and be loved is the greatest joy in the world " 

Thanks for bringing this special joy to us. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Audrey & Elizabeth 


Strong delicate mouse, the world awaits you! 

Congratulations 1 

All our love fir support, 

Anne, Dad & Bailey 



The above "vute" is: 

A — Babe 

B — Brownie 

C — Fannv 

D — All oi the above 

We are so proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 


Jamie always remember little things that often come 
vour way. 

— A moment with God 

— A gentle breeze 

— The sweet cry of a baby 

— And a loving family. 

We love vou more than the sun. 

Dad, Mom, Paul and J] 


Catherine Hair — You are an inspiration to all of us. 
Continue to live your dreams, and remember that our 
love is always with you. 
Mom, Dad and Lindsay 


"May the cnild in vour heart remain forever free " 

We are very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad & Travis 


I hope vour life will be filled with as much joy as you 

have given us fur the past 18 years "You go girl, show 

them what life's all about!" 


Mom & Wes 


Brycie was So proud then 
We are So proud now! 
Mom, Dad, Shockie, & Bill 


Congratulations! We're so proud of you and kno 
your future will be golden! 
Love, Mom, Beth, and Max 


We're proud of you, Sally! 
We love you. 
Your familv 


Congratulations Grayson! 

We are so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Michael, Al & J 



r mt 


«fr 1 

! ; ;t. :; . ■"\ T "^ 

i j$ 



Happy moments never go away. You have given me 

so many You are the light of my life and the love of my 


1 love you, 


FxSrBMi .' 

1 Wf" 



■ m 
■ : '■; 1 

ft I 


"Happines often sneaks in through a door you didn't 
know vou left open." For the future, open many doors 
and look for happiness behind each one 
Love always, 
Mother & Dad 


Thanks for all your hard work. You have made me so 

proud . You are everything I had wanted in a daughter. 

Best wishes for a future filled with as much happiness 

as you have given me. 




"Thank heaven for little girls. They grow up in the 

most delightful way." 

We love you so very much. 

Mom, Cranford, and Dan 


Dear Jennifer, 

It seems just a short time ago you were off to school on 

the first day. Now a graduate of St. Mary's we're more 

proud of you than ever. Accept life's challenges so you 

may feel the joys of success. We love you! 

Mom & Dad 



That's our girl — steppin' out to great future! 


Mom, Dad, Heather and Jeff 


We're very proud of you lady bug! 


Mom & Dad 


Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge . . 
"Our' Sally gargles!! 

We are proud of you and we love you very much 1 
Mom. Sis, Terry. Baby Ham. and Cunrue Cat 



"Congratulations Amv" 


Mom & Dad 


"What a long strange tnp it's been" 

Congratulations, Holly! 

We love you. 

Mom, Mike. Becky & Steve 


"Toasting with Louisa" 


Congratulations! May you both realize all your 

dreams, find every happiness and live your lives to the 


Love always. 

Mom, Dad, Stephen and Laura 

I \ 


Always our QUEEN 

We love you, 

Mom, Rick, Ellen, Muffin, Carole, Rick, Dave, Sara, 

Tom, Pemn & Cassie 

marnie Mcdonald metts 

"You've come a long wav, baby!" We are so proud of 
the person you've become. 
Congratulations! We love you. 
Mom, Larrv, Lissa and Kinsey 


Congratulations, Caren! 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Cathy & Emily 


Our little school girl has grown up so fast and made u 

very proud! 


Mom and Dad 


"Stylish and smart too!" 

We're so proud of vou and love you so much - 

Mom, Dad, Cannon & Annie 


"Dance and Celebrate" 

You've done a great job! 

All our love 

Mom, Dad, Hetcher and Wayne, ]r. 



Love you, always, 
Mom, Dad & cnris 


To our beloved daughter Laura Brereton, 

Continue to swing into Life! 

Swing past your rears 

hold on to your dreams! 

Swing to the stars 

Becoming the star that is within you. 

Love, Pat & Lou 


Radford, you are a fine young woman. Faith and de- 
termination have brought vou through. We are so 
thankful for vou and proud of vou! We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Elizabeth & Daniel 


You have accomplished a lot in these last two years 
and we are verv proud of you. Here's to MANY 
BRIGHT YEARS "ahead!!! Always be happy!!! 
We love you. 
Mom, Larry & Beth 


"Beauty and the Beast" 

Congratulations, Stephanie! 

We are very proud of the "beautiful" young lady you 

have become. 


Mom & Dad 


"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambi- 
tion. Small people always do that, but the really great 
make you feel that vou, too, can become great. ''(Mark 

Congratulations, Kate we are very proud of you. All 
our love, Dad. Mom, Ashley & "Belle" 



From turmoil, you have found serenity, from adver- 
sity, you have gained confidence; from challenge, you 
have achieved success. We could not be more proud of 
you Robin. 
Dad, Terry and Leslee 


Go Get 'em Tiger! 

We are proud of your past. You have our love and 

support for the future. Go out there and make your 


Our love, 

Mother, Daddy and Mandy 


You have come a long way Baby from your 1st dav of 
kindergarten. We are so proud of the road you have 
chosen. 1 know it has been so challenging but always 
remember the "things you can count on — Your fin- 
gers, your toes and Us! May the dreams of your past be 
the reality of your future 
Love and Prayers, Mom, Dad and Jeff 



The road's been long and seeming slow, 
and all the while vou continued to grow. 
So now before our wondenng eyes does appear 
A beautiful woman of eighteen years 
You've stolen our hearts for good, it's true 
and especially now we're proud of you! 
Congratulations and love, 
Mom, Scott, Lisa and Dad 


H.S. Today 
D.V.M. Tomorrow 
Go for it! 
Mom & Dad 



You're on a roll 

We are so proud oi you. 


Mom and Dad 


You have always been the light of our lives We are so 

Eroud of you we can't stand it 
ove. Mother and Father 


"We'll love you forever 

We'll like you for always 

As long as we're living 

Our baby you'll be." 


Mom and Dad 


A Achiever 

L Lovely 

E Expressive 

X X-tra special 

Wish you luck Baby' Beverly. Skipper and Jim 


Though you're a grown woman 

From your toes to your curls. 

You will always remain 

Our sweet "Baby Girl" 

We love you and are so very proud of you! 

Mama, Daddy, Cammie, Lissie, and Kaddie 


Ellen At "WinApat"! 
I love you. 
Your Patty" 


Congratulations Ellen! 
We love you — 
Mom, Dad and Braun 






Mom and Dad 


Such joy always — 

So exciting to see you go forward with such a clear 


Love & blessings to a wonderful & loving daughter, 

Mom & Dad 


We are proud of you, Leigh and we love you. 
Dad and Libby 


"Congratulations, Susan. We are so proud of you! 
May your future be full of happiness. 
Our love always, 
Mom, Dad and Laura 


" 'Tis the songs you sing and the smiles you wear that 

make the sunshine everywhere." 

Wishing you a lifetime of songs, smiles and sunshine. 

Emmy, we are so proud of you! 

Love always. 

Mom and Dad 


May you be blessed with a beautiful life. We are proud 

of you. 

Mom and Dad 


"Never give up on what you really want to do. The 

person with big dreams is more powerful than one 

with all the facts." 

We are proud of you. 

Hal, Mom, MaMa, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Anne 

and Cecil, Allie too. 


"Bax, we always knew you would be going places! 



Mom & Dad 


Thanks for being such a special daughter who has 

given us so much pleasure. We are proud of you and 

wish vou success and happiness always. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and Lindsav 



"We are always proud of vou and love vou so much " 
Mom, Dad & Craig 


You will always be our Prima Ballerina. 
We love vou! 
Mama & Daddy 


Our student will do well. We love you. 
Mom, Daddv. Tom and Anthony 


Congratulations and best wishes tor a happv and suc- 
cessful future We are very proud of vou 
Love always, 
Mom and "|ohn 


Congratulations, Joanna 
I'm so proud of vou. 


Caroline Atkinson Weber 



Three cheers for the chief kid 


The 202 Zoo 


Once a babe, 
Always a babe 
Mom, Dad and Mary 


You are on vour way to a bright future — keep up the 

good work f We are very proud of you 


Dad, Mom, Sarah and Jay 

If you stop and ask a Saint 
Mary's student or alum what 
one of the most valuable assets 
she gained from her time at Saint 
Mary's was, she will, undoubt- 
edly, say the friends. The next 
pages of pictures represent a few 
of the wonderful relationships 
that grew over the 1993-1994 
school year in both the college 
and the high school, and the 
boarding and the day popula- 
tions; many of which will live to 
"last a lifetime through." 


. ; 


■ft*-.... -*~:*8-- -'*> ' 





Christmas seems such a long way from 
graduation as friends gather to celebrate 
the season. Macarena Mon, Elizabeth 
Rainev, Nicol Constantino and Anna 
Query are at a party in the Tyler Board 

This trio of high school sophomores are 
far from the bittersweet time of gradu- 
ation. Kelly Karras, Kristen Mitchell and 
Jocelyn Fuller have just told Santa what 
they want for Christmas. 

The night before graduation the 
Alumnae Association is hostess to the 
graduating sophomores. It is a time of 
exhilaration, toasts, poems and tears. 
The graduates are filled with 
anticipation, at the same time, they 
mourn the fact that they will be 
separated by great distances from 
some of their friends. Joanna 
Weatherman, Amy Mcllvain, Robin 
White, Toccoa Choate, Mary Pat 
Phillips, and Sally Howell are on the 
back lawn of Ellie Jarman's home in 
Raleigh where the class of 1994 was 
entertained by the alums. 



Sometimes the 10th graders let the 11th and 12th graders play with 
them. This October afternoon was more than any sophisticated student 
could stand. Unfortunately for John Johnson, who had raked leaves all 
morning, this group of Day Students and Sarah Corbitt scattered them 
in a matter of minutes. Heather Holden, Courtney Weill, Laura 
Raynor, Harper Best's head, Cee Sidler, Stephanie Abee, Ashley 
Twiggs, and Sarah Corbitt engage in a fierce leaf fight. 


Emily Dillon, Alice Gray Odom, Jeannine Eason (better 
known as Tootie) and Virginia Bullock are up REAL 
late after an UNDATETTES walk. 

In one of the rare pictures of both Rabons, Rheney 
Rabon, Sara Voelker, Stacey Stallard, and Shay 
Rabon travel away from Saint Mary's to visit old 


Amy Kilgore, Beth Huber, and Elizabeth Rainey 
are glad to get back to school for the Front 
Campus Jam. 

Ches Pope, Tracy Ivey, and Raven 
McDonald chow down after a basketball 


Alison Leith and Megan Ortman are 
certainly single-minded about their 
pretzels. Alison is even wearing a T-shirt 
from a grocery store. 


Even though they are in the 

cafeteria, this crew does not have 

its mind just on food. They are 

spear-heading what turned out to 

be a very successful campaign to 

recruit members for Habitat For 

Humanity, an organization that 

donates time, labor and materials 

to build houses for the poor. 

Recruiters are Millicent Mooring, 

Marnie Metts (future suitemates at 

State), Judith Freeman, and Tootie 


Alice Gray Odom holds two 
fingers behind the head of a 
broadly smiling Judith 

Mary Pat Phillips, Kumiko Kawata, 
Austin Staunch, Elisa Esposito, Sara 
Voelker, and Anna Whitley are having a 
good time at a MAPS walk. 

We did it again! Stacey Stallard and Anne 
Glenn celebrate another tennis victory. 

Emily McQueen 
(standing) and 
Ruth Heam 
(front right) 
seem to De 
asking the 
question "Are 
we having fun 
yet?" Margaret 
Rowell, Jennifer 
Ormsby and 
Graham James 
seem to think 
they are. 


High School students had a chance to bond in the fall 

when they went roller skating. The bumps and bruises 

do not show in this photogTaph! 

Those exuberant 10th graders pile on poor Santa while 
they make room for Tracey Kagarise (right knee). On the 
bottom sit Cee Sidler and Laura Raynor. Next are Heather 
Holden, Angie DeMario, Santa, Tracey, and Adrienne 
Stone. Stephanie Abee and Courtney Weil are standing on 
the back row. 

The Circle/Beacon party is one of the highlights 
of the Christmas season and of the school year. 
Here, Laura Park, Allison Partridge, Jeanie 
Jackson, Lucy Coleman, and Dee McCoy stop 
entertaining in Smedes parlor long enough to 
have their picture taken. 

1 I B 

Friends at Saint Mary's 
always seem to be smiling! 
Sandy Calves, Connie Silver 
and Anne Green are no 

Nicole Kerr and Susan Taylor flash 
big grins to signify they are having 
a great time! 

^H " 





3r' *TTJB ■!■ — in J 

■if ^v 'f aBL "j 


' ^Wt^fr^^'^BiBBr 


[ :t H 

■ * 



Beth Miller, Lindsey Reynolds, Ches 
Pope, Liz Johnson, Susanna Ward, 
and Mags Miller clown around on 
2nd Smedes. 


Senior Nancy Hill (second from left) 
celebrates her graduation day with soccer 
team friends (from left) Raven McDonald, 

Kristen Mitchell and Jennifer Lewis. 


Even Cold Cuts need a break sometimes! 
Rheney Rabon, Elisa Esposito, Susan Taylor 
and Anne Green take a ride across a field to 
rest from rehearsal. 

During our preliminary visits to Saint 
Mary's, in the catalogue, on the video, during 
orientation — we heard over and over and 
over that one of the special aspects of being a 
student here would be the friendships we 
made. Every single word was true! It is 
difficult to try and explain to someone who 
has not experienced life at Saint Mary's. 

Late night talks in the dorms, late night 
rides returning from athletic events, Bulls 
games, ice hockey games, picnics on the patio, 
club walks, walking to chapel on fall 
afternoons while leaves crunch underfoot, 
crying with a friend just dumped by her 
boyfriend, celebrating with a friend who just 
got the date of a lifetime, assemblies, lights 
out in the high school dorm, not being able to 
stop laughing during study hall — all these 
memories and a million more make up the 
Saint Mary's experience. Most of us wish we 
never had to leave, but all of us leave better 
for having been here. 

Ah! Those Belles of Saint Mary's! Emily 

Jenkins, Eliza Pittman, Cameron Kirkland, 

Amy Snipes, and Anna Carstarphen are 

on their way out shopping. 


Miss Stephanie D. Abee 
Mr. & Mrs Robert M Abee 
3108 Eton Road 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 
(919) 787-7699 

Miss Sandra S. Aichner 
Mr. Donald Roy Aichner 
3240 W. Trade Avenue 
Coconut Grove, FL 33133- 
(305) 448-3701 

Miss Cynthia O Akers 
Dr. 4 Mrs Richard E. Akers 
3717 Saint Regis Drive 
Gastonia, NC 28056- 
(704) 866-4526 

Miss lennifer N. Alexander 
Mrs. Kay A. Alexander 
6501 Spring Garden Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28213- 
(704) 596-7841 

Miss Danen A Alger 
Mr & Mrs. Ralph A. Alger 
955 Wordsworth Drive 
Roswell. GA 30075- 
(404) 993-3674 

Miss Josie L Allen 
Ms. Rachel Beaufreton 
4921-201 Hollenden Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27604- 
(919) 8784547 

Miss Kathenne K Allen 
Mrs. Nancy W. Allen 
3040 Brassfield Drive 
Rocky Mount, NC 27803- 
(919) 4434619 

Miss Sarah-Page Allen 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred M Allen, III 
b826 Rosemary Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28210- 
(704) 552-0581 

Miss Andrea M Anderson 

Mr & Mrs Crantford V Anderson, Jr 

125 Hans Hill Drive 

Madison Heights, VA 24572- 

(804) 384-8888 

Miss Christy R. Anderson 

Mr & Mrs. Bonor Bishop Anderson, I 

414 Wildwood Dunes Tr 

Myrtle Beach, SC 29572- 

(803) 4979088 

Miss Mary P Anthony 

Mr & Mrs. Timothy H. Anthony 

P.O Box 879 

Hartsville, SC 29550- 

(803) 332-2476 

Miss Julieanne E. Arnold 
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin A. Arnold 
P.O Box 236 

Fuquay-Varina. NC 27526- 
(919) 552-6387 

Miss Fiquet P. Bailey 

Mr & Mrs Paul J. Michaels 

2338 Churchill Road 

Raleigh, NC 27608- 

(919) 839-2096 

Miss Jennifer D Bannister 
Mr. & Mrs Ronald T Bannister 
2008 Tenth St. Lane, NW 
Hickory, NC 28601- 
(704) 328-5993 

Miss Helen H. Banzet 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B Banzet 

307 Woodhaven Drive 

Stoneville, NC 27048- 

(919) 548-2842 

Miss Kathryn E. Barger 
Ms Carole M Barger 
3214 Meadow Rue Lane 
Statesulle, NC 28677- 
(704) 873-1351 

Miss Catherine W. Batten 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank T. Batten 
5547-C Packhouse Road 
WUson, NC 27893- 
(919) 291-0554 

Miss Julie L. Bauchman 
Mrs Sheryl Sue Bauchman 
8412 Stonegate Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27615- 
(919) 847-0875 

Miss Amy M. Beasley 
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Beasley 

1504 Patsy Lane 
Launnburg, NC 28352- 
(910) 276-8106 

Miss Ashley G Bell 
Mr. & Mrs.' David T Bell 
2124 Warwick Place 
Fort Smith, AR 72903- 
(501) 452-5874 

Miss Laura A Bell 
Mr & Mrs George R. Bell 
4172 Landover Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27604- 
(919) 266-9015 

Miss Mary H Best 
Mrs Isabel P. Allen 
5105 Huntingdon Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27606- 
(919) 233-0370 

Miss Margaret L. Bitter 
Mr & Mrs Stephen D Bitter 
5 Deerfield Road 
Asheville, NC 28803- 
(704) 274-1318 

Miss Lauren L. Blaney 
Mr & Mrs Joseph C Blaney 
4324 Wood Valley Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27613- 
(919) 846-2426 

Miss Brooke C Bohannon 

Mr & Mrs Alvah P Bohannon, III 

109 River Road 
AltaVista, VA 24517- 
(804) 369-6544 

Miss Mary A Boisseau 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth Y. Boisseau, II 

8304 Meadow Ridge Court 

Raleigh, NC 27615- 

(919) 847-3581 

Miss Evadora C Boyd 
Dr & Mrs Walter E" Boyd 
11420 Galloway Rd. 
Miami, FL 33176- 
(305) 255-7381 

Miss Kathenne J. Bradsher 

Mr. & Mrs Wallace R Bradsher, Sr 

Rt. 3, Box 483 

Roxboro, NC 27573- 

(919) 364-2140 

Miss Jamie L Brantley 

Mr & Mrs James H Brantley 

1213 Weldon Place 

Raleigh, NC 27608- 

(919) 834-6580 

Miss Nancy A. Bntt 
Mr Roger D Bntt 
PO Box 4752 
High Point, NC 27263- 
(919) 431-8504 

Miss Lisa M Bruneau 

Dr & Mrs Arthur H Bruneau 

7605 Audubon Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27615- 

(919) 870-6856 

Miss Virginia L. Bullock 

Mr & Mrs William C Bullock 

110 Cresrwood Drive 
Roxboro, NC 27573- 
(919) 599-6850 

Miss Jennie M. Burgess 

Mr. & Mrs. Wade W. Burgess 

104 W. Calhoun 

Jackson, NC 27845- 

(919) 5344221 

Miss Melissa J Butler 

Mr & Mrs Joel B Butler 

110 Seminole 

St Simons Island, GA 31522- 


Miss Alexandra V. Calves 
Mrs. Alexandra B. Calves 
23243 Queens Road 
Charlotte, NC 28204- 
(704) 365-8322 

Miss Jeri M Camp 
Mr Jerry M Camp 
1001 Olive Chapel Road 
Apex, NC 27502- 
(919) 362-9961 

Miss Pamela D Campbell 
Mr & Mrs Keith L. Campbell 
Rt. 1, Box 506 

Siler City, NC 27344- 
(919) 742-2792 

Miss Rebecca I Campbell 
Mrs Vickie Bond 
11906 Wide Hollow Road 
Yakima, WA 98908- 
(509) 966-5732 

Miss Alicia A. Carroll 
Mr & Mrs. Larry W. Carroll, Jr. 
3418 Carnage Trail 
Hillsborough, NC 27278- 
(919) 732-9248 

Miss Anna F Carstarphen 
Ms Myrtle H. Carstarphen 
1303 St Andrew Street 
Tarboro, NC 27886- 
(919) 823-4373 

Miss Frances B Carstarphen 
Ms Myrtle H Carstarphen 
1303 St. Andrew Street 
Tarboro, NC 27886- 
(919) 8234373 

Miss Angela S Carter 
Rev & Mrs Thomas B Carter 
330 9th Avenue, NW 
Hickory, NC 28601- 

(703) 751-2977 

Miss Karen J Catlett 
Mr & Mrs Bobbv J Catlett 
Rt 5, Box 352 
Nashville. NC 27856- 
(919) 459-7869 

Miss Caroline J CaudiU 

Mr & Mrs Julian T. Caudill, Jr 

P.O Box 7 

Elizabethton, TN 37644- 

(615) 323-7029 

Miss Margaret T Choate 
Mr & Mrs Culver P Choate 
850 Abelia Road 
Columbia, SC 29205- 
(803) 252-4014 

Miss Edith L. Clark 

Mr & Mrs James M Clark, Jr 

143 Haigler Road 

Lenoir, NC 28645- 

(704) 758-0803 

Miss Allison B Coleman 

Mr & Mrs. Walter T Fickling 

1 1 7 Lochinvar Court 

Cary, NC 27511- 

(919) 469-2326 

Miss Lucy S Coleman 
Mr & Mrs. James D Coleman 
1010 Sheraton Court 
Martinsville, VA 24112- 
(703) 632-1367 

Miss Anne G Connell 

Mr & Mrs James L Connell 

2331 Lake Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 782-9649 

Miss Laura E. Converse 
Mr & Mrs. John C. Converse 
3327 Landor Road 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 571-9411 

Miss Sarah E. Corbitt 

Mr & Mrs Thomas S Corbitt, Jr 

8622 Milton Morris Dnve 

Charlotte, NC 28227- 

(919) 278-6177 

Miss Ema R Correia 
Ms Helia Simoes 
49 Courtland Road 
Bedmiruster, NJ 07921- 
(908) 781-9467 

Miss Nicol C. Costanhno 

Mr 4 Mrs Nicholas S Costanhno 

709 Villawood Court 

Raleigh, NC 27615- 

(919) 848-9062 

Miss Danielle M Costineau 
Dr & Mrs John C Costineau 
1600 Morganton K 1 
Pinehurst, NC 28374- 
(910) 692-6303 

Miss Alexa A Coxe 
Mr & Mrs James A West 
P.O. Box 2079 
ShaUotte, NC 28459- 
(813) 894-1310 

Miss Kelsey C Crummert 
Ms Barbara A Baynard 
3195 Maple Street, NE 
St Petersburg, FL 33704- 

Miss Jenlyn E. Cv]etnicanin 

Mr & Mrs. Radivoi D Cv)etnicann 

110 Knightsbndge Road 

Cary, NC 27513- 

(919) 467-4013 

Miss Lindley A D'Alonzo 

Mr & Mrs Thomas W D'Alonza 

2608 Tatton Dnve 

Raleigh, NC 27608- 

(919) 832-1267 

Miss Shannon L. D' Amour 
Mr & Mrs Barry L. D'Amour 
408 Hogan's Valley Way 
Cary, NC 27513- 
(919) 460-6734 

Miss Hope L Dangerheld 

Mr & Mrs Clyde 
216 Bennett Street 
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464 
(803) 884-4661 

Dangerheld. Jr 

Miss Amanda A Dawson 

Mr & Mrs Braxton B Dawson, Jr 

104 Palmer Place 

Washington, NC 27889- 

(919) 946-8887 

Miss Laune Deatherage 

Mr & Mrs Michael James Golrra 

Rt 2, Box 38 

Washington, NC 27889- 

(919) 946-6237 

Miss Kimberly C. Deaton 
Mr & Mrs James N. Deaton 
207 SelWrk Place 
Durham, NC 27707- 
(919) 493-7386 

Miss Anne T Debnam 

Mr & Mrs. W Thurston Debnam, Jr 

620 Stratford Drive 

Zebulon, NC 27597- 

(919) 269-9708 

Miss Elizabeth A. Degner 
Mr & Mrs John K. Fuller 
Box 337 

Fair Bluff. NC 28439- 
(919) 649-7838 

Miss Angela L Demano 
Mr & Mrs Mark V Demano 
6121 Ponerosa Road 
Raleigh, NC 27612- 

Miss Stephanie L. Dickens 
Mr & Mrs Jerry L Dickens 
1929 N Harrison Avenue 
Cary, NC 27513- 

Miss Emilv B Dillon 

Mr & Mrs Paul G Stoner, Jr. 

402 Long Street 

Lexington, NC 27292- 

(704) 243-2828 

Miss Jill M Djord)evic 
Mr Peter J Djordjevic 
3602 South Place 
Alexandna, VA 22309- 
(703) 360-0745 

Miss Ivey N Dunaway 

Mr & Mrs Thomas W Dunaway, III 

201 Foxcreek Road 

Anderson, SC 29621- 

(803) 2244221 

Miss Stacy A Dunikowski 

Mr & Mrs Stanley A Dunikowski 

4608 Interlachen Place 

Raleigh, NC 27612- 


Miss Amy K Easley 

Mr & Mrs H Michael Easley 

2141 Ascott Road 

Juno Isles, FL 33408- 

(407) 622-6285 

Miss Andrea J Eason 
Dr. & Mrs Ernest B Eason 
713 South Sellars Mill Rd 
Burlington, NC 27215- 
(919) 227-9702 

Miss Gretchen C. Eason 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Easton 
7308 Rainwater Road 
Raleigh. NC 27615- 
(919) 872-6767 

Miss Dayna B. Edwards 
Mr & Mrs. Carl A Edwards 
628 Woodside Drive 
Mount Airv. NC 27030- 
(919) 789-9449 

Miss Angela M. Englebert 
Mrs. Pamela M. Morrow 
2208 West Oak Island Dr. 
Long Beach, NC 28465- 
(919) 278-3645 

Miss Elisa M Esposito 

Mr & Mrs. George A. Esposito 

4035 Huguenot Road 

Richmond, VA 23235- 

(804) 320-7437 

Miss Nancy S. Ethendge 
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver S. Ethendge 
1041 Wellington Street 
High Point, NC 27262- 
(919) 882-9766 

Miss Holly J. Evans 
Mr. & Mrs Joseph C. Evans 
P .0. Box 128 
HarrellsviUe. NC 27942- 
(919) 356-2280 

Miss Emilv L. Farber 
Ms. Linda M. Farber 
2756 Old Point Dnve 
Richmond, VA 23233- 
(804) 360-0748 

Miss Mane E. Fair 
Mr. & Mrs Lawemce B. Farr 
30 Peach Knob Dnve 
Asheville, NC 28804- 
(704) 251-9729 

Miss Caroline N. Ferebee 

Mr & Mrs. Emmett C Ferebee, Jr 

3429 Brentwood Road 

Raleigh, NC 27604- 

(919) 876-3778 

Miss Melissa T. Ferguson 
Mrs Judy T. Ferguson 
4101E Bannockbum Place 
Charlotte, NC 28211- 
(704) 364-4219 

Miss Diana R. Fernn 
Mrs Marjone A. Fernn 
3032 Limestone Dr — Apt. F 
Louisville. TN 37777- 
(615) 977-7014 

Miss Shannon L. Fisher 
Mr. & Mrs Thurman E Fisher 
7300 LaketTee Dnve 
Raleigh, NC 27615- 
(919) 676-7116 

Miss Catherine A Fowler 
Mr. & Mrs Ronald C Fowler, Sr 
2917 Lake Boone Place 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 

Miss Eliza S Fowler 

Mr & Mrs Maunce N Jennings 

1812 Nottingham Road 

Greensboro, NC 27408- 

(919) 272-4329 

Miss Mary E Frauenhofer 

Mr & Mrs Arthur R Frauenhofer 

1104 Chimney Hill Dnve 

Apex, NC 27502- 

(919) 362-1842 

Miss Judith A. Freeman 
Mr & Mrs John E Freeman 
9427 Park Hunt Court 
Springfield, VA 22153- 
(703) 455-7840 

Miss Yoko Fujii 
Mr Toshiyuki Fu|ii 
3401 Forest Grove 
Durham, NC 27703- 
(919) 598-7507 

Miss Jocelyn Fuller 
Mr & Mrs James C Fuller 
306 HUlcrest Road 
Raleigh, NC 27605- 
(919) 834-1103 

Miss Shannon L Gardner 
Mr. & Mrs Wade T Gardner 
6516 Wilshire Drive 

Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526- 
(919) 552-6215 

Miss Katherine A. Garrett 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne M Garrett 
4846 Elmhurst Dro. N.E. 
Hickorv, NC 28601- 
(704) 256-7798 

Miss Whitney E Gendron 
Mrs. Connie C. Gendron 
1302 Lombard Court 
Martinsville, VA 24112- 

(703) 638-8256 

Miss Mary C. Gentry 

Mr & Mrs. James L Gentry 

1104 Victoria Avenue 

Jasper, TN 37347- 

(615) 942-4105 

Miss Jennifer R. George 
Mr &i Mrs. Alan ) George 
136 Pine Needle Road 
Aiken, SC 29803- 

(803) 642-2813 

Miss Heather L. Gibson 
Ms. Joanne H. Gibson 
216-1 Waterdown Drive 
FayettevUle, NC 28314- 
(919) 864-0315 

Miss Louisa B. Gibson 
Ms. Linda B. Gibson 
4315 Gorman Drive 
Lynchburg, VA 24503- 

(804) 384-7587 

Miss Sarah H. Givens 

Mr & Mrs. Andrew C Givens 

2308 Wheeler 

Raleigh, NC 27612- 

(919) 787-3461 

Miss Anne V. Glenn 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas W Glenn. HI 

2315 Red Fox TraU 

Charlotte, NC 2821 1- 

(704) 365-0335 

Miss Andrea N Goff 

Mr Sc Mrs. Thomas M. Goff 

1917 Prescott Place 

Raleigh, NC 27615- 

(919) 876-1878 

Miss Rachel C Graham 
Mr & Mrs Adair M Graham 
404 W Renovah Circle 
Wilmington, NC 28403- 
(919) 762-6852 

Miss Zoe N. Graham 
Mrs Joann Graham 
511 W College Avenue 
Hartsvule, SC 29550- 
(803) 383-3205 

Miss Amy S Grandis 
Ms Mary Francis Grandis 
3414 Angus Road 
Durham, NC 27705- 
(919) 489-2685 

Miss Elizabeth K. Grant 
Ms Anne U Grant 
P O Box 309 
Horse Shoe, NC 28742- 
(704) 525-3430 

Miss Ann C Green 

Mr. & Mrs. George C Green, III 

1803 Main Street 

Scotland Neck, NC 27874- 

(919) 826-1504 

Miss Julia A Gnfhn 

Mr & Mrs James W Griffin 

215-B Glenwood Avenue 

Raleigh, NC 27603- 

(919) 781-1049 

Miss Kathenne B Griffin 
Mr & Mrs lames F Gnffin 
6233 Lookout Loop 
Raleigh, NC 27613- 
(919) 870-9556 

Miss Susan E. Griffin 
Mr ii Mrs James Ambler Gnffin 
5066 Mountain View Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104- 
(919) 760-3633 

Miss Jamie P. Gnswold 
Mr &c Mrs John C Griswold 
4605 Hiddenbrook Dnve 
Raleigh. NC 27609- 
(919) 876-2639 

Miss Sarah R. Haden 
Mr. David E. Haden 
1530 Louden Heights Road 
Charleston, WV 25314- 
(304) 343-0346 

Miss Cathenne W Hair 
Ms. Rebecca M. Hair 
431 Brookcliff Lane 
Cary, NC 27511- 
(919) 469-1097 

Miss Christina K. Hamlin 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Hamlin, Jr. 

412 Hillandale Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 787-8296 

Miss Mollie E. Hammond 
Mr. & Mrs. Gene R. Hammond 
2309 Lafayette Avenue 
Greensboro, NC 27408- 
(919) 282-3891 

Miss Jill A Hardee 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred A. Hardee 
12 Beaverpoint Park 
Asheville, NC 28804- 
(704) 253-5000 

Miss Jenmfer L. Hardison 

Mr &i Mrs. Adam M Hardison 

P O. Box 852 

Blowing Rock, NC 28605- 

(904) 471-9177 

Miss Lindsay 1. Hardison 
Dr & Mrs Jerry L. Hardison 
Rt. 2 Box 58 
Cherryville, NC 28021- 
(704) 435-4545 

Miss Emily R. Harer 
Mr & Mrs Alan E Harer 
1908 Sturbridge Court 
Raleigh, NC 27612- 
(919) 782-8465 

Miss Julia H. Harlow 
Ms. Frankie J. Harlow 
101 S. Windmere Court 
Rocky Mount, NC 27803- 
(919) 443 9235 

Miss Heather K Harrelson 
Mrs. Caroyl I Harrelson 
4824 Latimer Road 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 787-2479 

Miss Amber E Harris 
Mrs Linda Sue Call 
6704 Candlewood Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612- 
(919) 846-5748 

Miss Jennifer L. Harris 
Dr. & Mrs. Darnel W Harris 
501 Oakdale Drive 
Ayden, NC 28513- 
(919) 746-2297 

Miss Kathrynn A Hams 
Mr & Mrs Edgar B. Harris 
4643 Bluff Dnve 
Shallotte. NC 28459- 
(919) 754-6066 

Miss Kimberly A. Hassell 
Mr & Mrs Billy J Hassell 
130 Lofhn Dnve 
Rocky Mount, NC 27804- 
(919) 937-2777 

Miss Ruth K Heam 
Mr & Mrs. George D. Hearn 
3351 Sedgefield Road 
Statesville, NC 28687- 
(704) 872-7955 

Miss Alice E Hemng 
Reverend Virginia N Hernng 
3933-D VaUey Court 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106- 
(704) 548-0987 

Miss Frances E. Hernng 

Mr & Mrs Danus B Herring 

2610 Bennington Road 

FayetteviUe, NC 28303- 


0) 486-3366 

Miss Molly A. Hesla 
Ms Ann Desimone 
5017 Windy Hill Dnve 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 878-5428 

Miss Louisa B. Hickman 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Hickman 
1301 Sandpiper Court 
Raleigh, NC 27615- 
(919) 847-1738 

Miss Nancy B. Hill 
Dr. it Mrs. John K. Hill 
2001 Hillock Place 
Durham, NC 27712- 
(919) 383-0792 

Miss Jan A. Hanson 
Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Branch 
104 Catalpa Road 
Greenville, NC 27858- 
(919) 756-2434 

Miss Jessica Hobbs 
Rev. & Mrs. Jay A. Hobbs 
835 Trollinger Road 
Asheboro, NC 27203- 
(009) 626-2137 

Miss Allison R. Hobby 

Ms. Genie Christian T. Hobby 

700-301 Bishops Park Dr. 

Raleigh, NC 27605- 

(919) 829-1988 

Miss Heather L. Holden 
Mr & Mrs. Richard D Smith 
3000 Svlvania Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27607- 
(919) 781-6082 

Miss Katherine B Holt 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert R. Holt, Jr 

314 Lineberrv Street 

Troy, NC 27371- 

(919) 572-2842 

Miss Amy C Honeycutt 
Ms. Rennie N. Honeycutt 
2322 Lake Dnve 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 787-3302 

Miss Alston M. Hoover 

Mr & Mrs. Paul A. Hoover, III 

1120 Gunnison Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 782-5847 

Miss Mary N. Hope 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Hope 
1501 Maryland Avenue 
Charlotte", NC 28209- 
(704) 332-8604 

Miss Megan L. Hotze 
Ms. Carolyne B. Hotze 
3720 Kenmore Road 
Richmond, VA 23225- 
(804) 288-8515 

Miss Sally A. Howell 

Mr. & Mrs. Mason R. Howell, Jr. 

P.O. Box 401, 105 Elm St. 

Seaboard, NC 27876- 

(919) 589-4171 

Miss Beth E. Huber 
Dr & Mrs R John Huber 
1304 Binlev Place 
Raleigh, NC 27615- 
(919) 781-1305 

Miss Mary G Hux 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Michael B. Hux 
3840 Gloucester Road 
Rocky Mount, NC 27803- 
(919) 443-3852 

Miss Kate A. Hyde 
Mr «i Mrs. Greg P. Blvthe 
2509 13th St., S.E. 
Decatur. AL 35601- 
(205) 355-6295 

Miss Alicia N. Isenberg 
Ms Angela Herring 
823 Robert Ruark Dnve 
Southport, NC 28461- 
(919) 457-5189 

Miss Tracy S. Ivey 
Mrs Gail G Ivey 
Rt. 9, Box 353 
Henderson, NC 27536- 
(919) 492-3872 

Miss Mario J. Jaar 
Mr. & Mrs Mano E. Jaar 
P.O. Box 20058 
Comayaguela, CA 


Miss Emily P. Jackson 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Jackson, III 


713 Jefferson Street 
BennettsviUe. SC 29512- 
(803) 479-9855 

j Miss Jeannie L. Jackson 
! Mrs Lillian C. Jackson 

4801-101 Stumbrook Road 

Raleigh, NC 27603- 

(919) 937-4720 

; Miss Virginia M. Jackson 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph B. Jackson, Sr. 

1212 Tennyson Lane 

Windsor, NC 27983- 
1 (919) 794-2821 

:Miss Marion G. James 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. James, III 
. 108 Oakview Drive 

Darlington, SC 29532- 

(803) 393-7235 

Miss Ellen M Jarman 
Mr. & Mrs. William F Jarman, Jr. 
3103 Eton Road 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 
. (919) 782-7132 

Miss Catherine J. Jefcoat 
; Mr. & Mrs. J. David Jefcoat, Jr 
2328 Iroquois Road 
Wilmette, IL 60091- 
(708) 256-7466 

Miss Emily L. Jenkins 
Mr & Mrs. Robert C. Jenkins 
10 Shaftesbury Road 
I Ahoskie, NC 27910- 
(919) 332-5595 

Miss Emily P, Jenkins 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Jenkins 

301 Barrington Dr. Box 250 

Tarboro, NC 27886- 

(319) 823-1769 

Miss Shannon L. Jenkins 
Dr. Jackie W. Jenkins 
12117 Strickland Road 
Raleigh, NC 27613- 
(919) 847-5641 

Miss Mary L. Jetton 
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Jetton 
700 Sills Court 
Nashville, TN 37220- 
(615) 834-1931 

Miss Elizabeth S. Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Johnson 
1510 Can- Street 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 
(919) 829-1774 

Miss Julie E. Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Johnson, Jr 
2017 St. Mary's Street 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 
(919) 821-1426 

Miss Louise B. Jonas 
Mrs. Rosemary B. Jonas 
3504-G Colony Road 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
(704) 366-7151 

Miss Emmalee D. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs Laurance G. Jones 
17 Hamilton Place 
Charleston, WV 25314- 
(304) 345-0325 

Miss Jennifer J. Jones 
Mrs. Bonnie B Fletcher 
4200 Country Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28226- 
(704) 846-1904 

Miss Jennifer R. Jones 

Mr. & Mrs Donnie H. Jones, III 

501 Banks Lane 

Newport, NC 28570- 

(919) 726-8356 

Miss Mary S. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs Randy G. Jones 
6501 Whitted Road 
Fuquay-Vanna, NC 27526- 
(919) 552-6401 

Miss Theresa S. Jones 
Ms. Sue J. Jones 
49 Raeford Street 
Ocean Isle. NC 28469- 
(919) 579-5593 

Miss Sherri A Joyner 

Mr. & Mrs Sanford C Joyner 

4412 Holloman Road 

Durham, NC 27703- 
(919) 596-1093 

Miss Tracy R. Kaganse 
Ms. Sharon A. Evans 
120 Bay Drive 
Cary, NC 27511- 
(919) 469-8715 

Miss Kelly A Karras 

Mr. 4 Mrs. William J Karras 

201 O'Kelly lane 

Carv, NC 27511- 

(919) 467-7147 

Miss Samantha M Katen 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M Katen 
7005 N Ridge Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27615- 

(919) 872-5495 

Miss Kumiko K Kawata 
Mr. & Mrs Taizo Kawata 
2-24-16 Uehara Shibuya-Ku 
Tokyo, Japan 151 
(000) 468-5758 

Miss Dana M Kegl 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Kegl 

5505 Alpine Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 872-0121 

Miss Nicole C. Ken- 
Mr & Mrs Randall K. Kerr 
223 Sondley Drive 
Asheville, NC 28805- 
(704) 298-2189 

Miss Amy Kilgore 
Mr & Mrs Jack A. Kilgore 
220 Dartmouth Road 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 782-5188 

Miss Victoria E KiUen 

Mr & Mrs James T. Killen, III 

403 Bratton Avenue 

York. SC 29745- 

(803) 684-9852 

Miss Melissa B. Kline 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas M Kiltie 

5113 Coronado Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 781-0807 

Miss Cameron M. Kirkland 
Dr. & Mrs. John A Kirkland 
1012 Salem Street 
Wilson, NC 27893- 
(919) 243-6087 

Miss Julia P Kiser 

Mr & Mrs. Stephen B Kiser 

42 Brams Point Road 

Hilton Head, SC 29926- 


Miss Margery W Knott 
Ms. Cornelia C Knott 
413 Lexington Road 
Asheboro, NC 27203- 
(919) 629-2661 

Miss Jennifer L. Koch 
Dr & Mrs Gary G Koch 
703 Long Leaf Drive 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514- 
(919) 967-6454 

Miss Kaoru Koiwa 
Mr. & Mrs. Kiyoshi Koiwa 
2-18-2-407 Kanintabashi 
Tokyo, Japan 174- 
(033) 931-5835 

Miss Charlotte O. Kosanin 

Dr. & Mrs Radoslav M Kosanin 

621 Arlington Street 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514- 

(919) 929-3249 

Miss Meghan J. Krell 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Krell 
W Sound Shore Drive 
Edenton, NC 27932- 
(919) 482-4839 

Miss Kyrstin D. Krist 
Mr & Mrs Craig A. Knst 
5720 Heatherstone Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27606- 
(919) 233-1408 

Miss Kimberly D. Killers 
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Kulers 
7-9 W. Main Street 
Ml. Olive, NC 28365- 
(919) 658-5905 

Miss Jennifer J Kulin 

Mr & Mrs Robert A. Kulin 

Box 814 

Atlantic Beach, NC 28512- 

(919) 247-7547 

Miss Jill R. Kumper 

Mr & Mrs George A. Kumper 

400 N. Mooreland Road 

Richmond, VA 23229- 

(804) 741-4857 

Miss CarmeUa La Bianca 
Ms. Yvonne La Bianca 
1002 Oak Lake Court 
Raleigh, NC 27606- 
(919) 851-5986 

Miss Linda M Lawson 

Dr & Mrs. Richard E Lawson 

516 W Parkway 

High Point, NC 27262- 

(919) 884-8434 

Miss Alison E. Leith 
Dr & Mrs David H Leith 
116 Porter Place 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514- 
(919) 929-6176 

Miss Jennifer A Lewis 
Ms Kathy A. Lewis 
2104 Tyson Street 
Raleigh, NC 27612- 
(919) 781-2188 

Miss Jennifer L Lewis 
Mr & Mrs Frank T Lewis 
503 W. New Hope Road 
Goldsboro, NC 27534- 
(919) 778-2181 

Miss Danielle E. Little 

Mr & Mrs. Charles S. Little, Jr 

P.O Box 1097 

Lincolnton, NC 28093- 

(704) 735-8075 

Miss Ann G. Litton 
Mr. & Mrs. William P Litton 
Route 3, Box 698 
Greenwood, MS 38930- 
(601) 453-7438 

Miss Lara N. Loucks 
Mr & Mrs. Yale L Loucks 
929 Pebblebrook Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 878-1961 

Miss Sally M. Lowder 
Mrs. Shirley D. Lowder 
210 Hwy 740 By-Pass East 
Algermarle, NC 28001- 
(704) 982-7842 

Miss Stephanie R Loy 
Mr & Mrs Larry H toy 
8401 Caldbeck Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27615- 
(919) 847-8369 

Miss Cecily R. Luta 
Mrs Cory M Wolfrom 
6209 Heacham Court 
Raleigh, NC 27614- 
(919) 676-3696 

Miss Jean W Lyndon 

Mr & Mrs. Garnett B. Lyndon 

3001 Barefoot Trail 

Anderson, SC 29621- 

(803) 224-7542 

Miss Amy E. Macchiaverna 

Mr & Mrs. Frank R. Macchiaverna 

618 Townes Road 

Columbia, SC 29210- 

(803) 772-3894 

Miss Amy L. Mackie 

Mr & Mrs George C Mackie, Jr 

113 Juniper Avenue 

Wake Forest, NC 27587- 

(919) 556-1906 

Miss Shirhsa J Mann 

Mr & Mrs. Michael J Mann 

1608 Hunting Ridge Road 

Raleigh, NC 27615- 

(919) 848-2444 

Miss Corey Mapes 

Mr & Mrs Harold E Blondeau 

525 Hertford Street 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 781-5230 

Miss Kathenne V. Marshall 
Mr & Mrs Michael P Marshall 

216 Mt. Paran Road, NW 
Atlanta, GA 30327- 
(404) 252-6687 

Miss Knsten Martin 
Mr & Mrs. David A Martin 
6930 South Staff Road 
Fayetteville, NC 28306- 
(919) 424-1961 

Miss Holly M Mason 
Ms Mona H. Mason 
9380 River Pine Road 
Jacksonville, FL 32257- 
(904) 731-0042 

Miss Mary E Mauldin 

Dr Si Mrs Phillip B Mauldin 

3523 Kylemore Court 

Charlotte, NC 28210- 

(704) 332-1253 

Miss Heather J May 

Mr & Mrs. Clyde S Chilton 

1412 Ravenhurst Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27615- 

(919) 847-0546 

Miss Carina C. Maybach 
Mr & Mrs. Carina C Maybach 
964 Arbor Road 
Winston-Salem. NC 27104- 
(919) 761-8092 

Miss Kathryn P Mays 

Mr & Mrs' Mitchell'R. Mays, Jr 

2205 Surrey Place 

Lynchburg, VA 24503- 

(804) 384-2653 

Miss Doreen B McCoy 
Mrs Maxine G. McCoy 
112 Hillside Avenue 
Fayetteville, NC 28301- 
(919) 485-1944 

Miss Mary H. McGee 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. McGee 
3001 Wickersham Road 
Charlotte, NC 28211- 
(704) 364-8206 

Miss Amy R. Mcllvain 
Ms Cecily P. Murray 
961 Belfast Place 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106- 
(919) 724-0313 

Miss Sara B McClure 

Mr. it Mrs. Douglas B McClure 

131 Hawthorne Road 

Raleigh, NC 27605- 

(919) 856-1690 

Miss Becky A McConnell 
Mr & Mrs. George J Gerenser 
10728 Dunhill Terrace 
Raleigh, NC 27615- 
(919) 848-1937 

Miss Raven N McDonald 

Mr & Mrs. Charles E. McDonald 

306 W Parnsh Drive 

Benson, NC 27504- 

(919) 894-1182 

Miss Carla T. McMasters 
Mr. & Mrs. Dan McMasters 
P.O. Box 271 
Siler City, NC 27344- 
(919) 742-3486 

Miss Emily L. McQueen 
Dr. & Mrs. James A McQueen 
814 W. Covington Street 
Launnburg, NC 28352- 
(023) 825-2037 

Miss Mamie M. Metts 
Mr & Mrs Robert L. Coble 
3303 Timberview Circle 
Greensboro, NC 27410- 
(919) 288-8428 

Miss Catherine L. Michal 
Mr & Mrs. Frank Michal 
9 St. Ave. 1209 Geneva 
(021) 796-6943 

Miss Elizabeth M Miller 

Mr & Mrs Thomas P. Miller. Sr. 

304 E Park Avenue 

Tarboro, NC 27886- 

(919) 823-1314 

Miss Margarette V Miller 
Mr. & Mrs. Max G MUler, Jr 
1119 Basil Dnve 


New Bern. NC 28562- 
(919) 636-5102 

Miss Caren D. Mills 
Mr. & Mrs- Rober! E. Mills 
10321 Apache Road 
Richmond, VA 23235- 
(8041 272-8618 

Miss Kristen E. Mitchell 

Mr. & Mrs Robert O. Mitchell 

1401 Iw Lane 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 779-4065 

Miss Macarena Mon 
Mr & Mrs. Juan C Mon 
Tandil, Mitre 716 
Argentina, BC 
(604) 278-6304 

Miss Laura A- Montgomery 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Montgomery 

113TazweU Place 

Raleigh, NC 27612- 

(919) 781-3027 

Miss Maiy Moore 
Ms. Joan E. Moore 
4809 Hanover Avenue 
Richmond. VA 23226- 
(804) 353-6738 

Miss Millicent P Mooring 

Dr & Mrs Joseph R Mooring, Jr. 

626 W. Main Street 

Mount Olive, NC 28365- 

(919) 658-J030 

Miss Elise J. Morgan 
Mr & Mrs. William J Morgan 
700 Clvde Drive 
Jacksonville, NC 28540- 
(919) 455-1337 

Miss Julie D. Morgan 
Mr & Mrs Sam R. Morgan 
679 Brownmire Dnve 
Asheboro. NC 27203- 
(919) 629-2545 

Miss Brennan W Moseley 
Mr. & Mrs George E. Moseley 
491 Mockingbird Lane 
Spartanburg. SC 29302- 

(803) 579-9069 

Miss Lisa V Mulligan 
Mrs Margo M Mulligan 
234 Lvnn Cove Road 
Asheville, NC 28804- 
(704) 253-9331 

Miss Angel C. Narron 
Ms. Patricia D Narron 
5013 Dantree Place 
Raleigh. NC 27609- 
(919) 781-3893 

Miss Hollv A. Newcomb 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E Newcomb 
Rt. 7, Box 138 — Elk Creek 
Forest, VA 24551- 

(804) 525-0362 

Miss Kimberlv P Newman 
Mr. & Mrs James E Newman, Jr 
601 Antlers Dnve 
Sumter. SC 29150- 

(803) 469-2185 

Miss Rebecca A Newman 
Mr. Samuel K Newman 
6104 Redmond Court 
Raleigh. NC 27612- 
(919) 781-5426 

Miss Helen M Nobles 
Mr & Mrs. Al B. Nobles 
500 Ellsworth Road 
Charlotte. NC 28211- 
(704) 365-2939 

Miss Maiko Noda 
Mr & Mrs Roshi Noda 
2-6-6 Futamatagawa, Asahi 
Yokohama, 241 Japan 
(000) 000-0000 

Miss Mary Harvard B Nolde 
Mr & Mrs John A. Nolde, Jr 
504 Welwvn Road 
Richmond. VA 23229- 

(804) 740-8660 

Miss Kathleen C O'Neal 
Mr & Mrs Mark D. O'Neal 
529 Bay Cove Lane 
Wilmington, NC 28405- 
(024) 059-1929 

Miss Alice G. Odom 
Mr. & Mrs Larry R. Odom 
208 S. Orange Avenue 
Dunn, NC 28334- 
(919) 892-1576 

Miss Mavumi Okuka 
Mr. & Mrs. Toshio Okura 
295 Nishi 1-Chome. Hagiwa 
Kawanishi-shi Japan — 666 
(072) 759-8648 

Miss Laura L. Oliver 
Ms. Louise W Strickland 
5011 Trent Woods Dnve 
New Bern. NC 28562- 
(919) 637-1988 

Miss Elizabeth S Olson 
Mr & Mrs. Michael S. Olson 
315 Yadkin Street 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 821-0270 

Miss Michelle B Oppegaard 
Mr. & Mrs Milton R. Oppegaard 
Post Office Box 3031 
Topsail Beach. NC 28445- 
(919) 328-4531 

Miss Fleur C Optekamp 
Ms Lotte S Optekamp 
1509 Marsh Haven 
Johns Island, SC 29455- 
(803) 968-1021 

Miss Jennifer E Ormsbv 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas E. Ormsbv 
Two Sommerton Court 
Greensboro, NC 27408- 
(919) 288-7840 

Miss Sarah D Owens 
Mrs Judith W Owens 
8368 Grevwinds Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27615- 
(919) 676-8927 

Miss Laura B Park 
The Rev Patricia L Merchant 
125 Heritage Court 
FavetteviUe, GA 30214- 
(404) 461-1099 

Miss Elizabeth L Parker 
Mrs. Betty G. Parker 
911 Spnngwell Court 
Carv. NC 27511- 
(919) 469-0519 

Miss Allison L Partridge 

Mr & Mrs. William F Parrndge, Jr 

2029 Harrington Street 

Newberry. SC 29108- 

(803) 276 : 7950 

Miss Julie Penta 
Dr ii Mrs John S. Penta 
8 Aurora Court 
Durham. NC 27713- 
(919) 493-5621 

Miss Kristie R Perrin 
Mr. & Mrs William D Perrin 
3021 Redford Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27408- 
(919) 282-1823 

Miss Margaret R Perry 
Mr & Mrs Dan Perry 
1305 Perrv Park Road" 
Kinston, NC 28501- 
(000) 839-0276 

Miss Mary P Phillips 

Mr & Mrs Lawrence P. damage 

4958-61sl Avenue South 

St. Petersburg, FL 33715- 

(813) 864-4721 

Miss Stephanie S Phillips 
Mr & Mrs Stephen L Phillips 
310 East Donaldson Ave 
Raeford, NC 28376- 
(919) 875-4171 

Miss Melanie S Pirie 
Mrs Marria S Pirie 
2036 Kilkenny Hill Road 
Matthews. NC 28105- 
(704) 841-1288 

Miss Elizabeth W Pittman 
Mr. & Mrs James W Pittman 
3970 Wiggins Mill Road 
Wilson, NC 27893- 
(919) 291-3057 

Miss Sarah C. Pope 

Mr. & Mrs Gerald H. Pope 
940 Cashua Ferry Road 
Darlington. SC 29532- 

(803) 393-4830 

Miss Katherine L. Porter 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Porter 
8113 RosehUl Road 
Richmond, VA 23229- 

(804) 282-4922 

Miss Sasha N. Poston 

Mr & Mrs William D. Evans 

1426 Costner Road 

Shelby, NC 28150- 

(704) 435-5928 

Miss Peri G Potkovick 
Mrs Helen W. Mark 
41 1 Waterside Drive 
Carrboro, NC 27510- 
(919) 968-6147 

Miss Ann M. Powell 
Mrs Theresa P. Fisher 
2736 Lakeview Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27609- 
(919) 833-0009 

Miss Robin D Powell 
Mrs Vivian S Powell 
404 Mvrtlewood Ct. 
Raleigh. NC 27609- 
(919) 782-5283 

Miss Rebecca L. Riedl 
Mrs. Marguerite R. Riedl 
5406 Courtfield Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27455- 
(919) 288-9178 

Miss Jove D Rivenbark 
Ms. Mary E. Heathcote 
1700 Pony Run Road 
Raleigh, NC 27615- 
(919) 872-1592 

Miss Rebecca L. Rocque 
Mr & Mrs. Richard P Rocque 
6525 Whitted Road 
Fuquay-Vanna, NC 27526- 
(919) 552-6571 

Miss Anna F Rogerson 

Mr & Mrs James F. Rogerson. Sr. 

1702 Chelsea Drive 

Wilson, NC 27893- 

(919) 291-1274 

Miss Laura B. Ross 

Mr & Mrs William W Ross 

P.O. Box 977 

Roxboro. NC 27573- 

(919) 599-8002 

Miss Jennifer M. Rouse 
Mr ii Mrs Charles S Rouse 
6520 Wvnbrook Way 
Raleigh, NC 27612- 
(919) 676-2620 

Miss Margaret E Rowell 

Rev & Mrs Ernest M Rowell 

805 Spring Dnve 

Aiken, SC 29801- 

(803) 648-6205 

Miss Danielle L. Ruffino 

Mr & Mrs. Salvatore A. Ruffino 

4011 Wvnford Road 

Durham. NC 27707- 

(919) 489-2718 

Miss Mary M. Russ 

Mr. & Mrs William T Russ. Jr. 

P O Box 435 

Shalotte. NC 28459- 

(919) 754-8220 

Miss Shannon M Russell 
Mr. & Mrs Richard E. Byrd 
3601 Canter Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27604- 
(919) 876-7254 

Miss Abbv C Saunders 
Mrs Karen Belk 
139 North Street 
Darlington, SC 29532- 
(803) 393-8957 

Miss Annika H Schauer 
Mr & Mrs John W. Schauer 
1206 N Gregson Street 
Durham, NC 27701- 
(919) 687-4720 

Miss Beverlee A. Seago 
Mr lames M. Seago 

935 St. Mary's Street 
Raleigh, NC 27603- 
(919) 821-9390 

Miss Lisa A. Sedlak 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul P Sedlak 

Nutmeg Lane 

New Canaan, CT 06840- 

(203) 966-8988 

Miss Brenda L. Sharpe 
Mr & Mrs. Richard E Sharpe 
2409 George Anderson Dr. 
Hillsborough. NC 27278- 
(919) 732-7004 

Miss Elizabeth T. Shepard 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B Shepard, Jr. 

1525 Jarvis Street 

Raleigh, NC 27608- 

(919) 828-1587 

Miss Colleen C Sheridan 
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Sheridan 
5104 North Hills Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612- 
(919) 781-0645 

Jyliss Nami Shiraishi 
Mr. & Mrs. Minoro Shiraishi 
Rt. 7, Box 7274 
Manchester, TN 37355- 
(615) 728-2301 

Miss Julia C Sidler 
Ms. Julia C. Rich 
2613 Cooleemee Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 
(023) 988-6051 

Miss Constance W. Silver 
Mr & Mrs Ronald C. Silver 
151 Belle Plain Road 
Fredencksburg. VA 22405- 
(703) 371-1432 

Miss Adrienne L. Skarzynski 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Skarzynski 

365 Riverwood Drive 

Lewisville, NC 27023- 

(919) 945-2522 

Miss Alice M Smith 

Mr & Mrs. Matthew M Smith, Jr. 

3101 Hyman Place 

FavetteviUe, NC 28303- 

(919) 868-1915 

Miss AsJiley E. Smith 

Mr & Mrs. Timothy R Smith 

305 Queensferry Road 

Cary, NC 27511- 

(919) 467-6014 

Miss Ellen A. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilham F. Smith 

1901 Lodestar Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27615- 

(919) 848-4948 

Miss Jane B. Smith 

Mr & Mrs. William J. Smith. Jr. 

4842 Forest Ridge Lane 

Columbia, SC 29206- 

(024) 727-6672 

Miss Jordan Smith 
Mrs. Gretchen Johnson 
1013 Cedarhurst Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 876-2649 

ttfiss Stacy E. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory H Lee 
8803 Norwick Road 
Richmond, VA 23229- 
(804) 741-5144 

Miss Amy L. Snipes 

Mr. & Mrs James W. Snipes, Jr. 

711 N Ellis Street 

Dunn, NC 28334- 

(919) 892-1736 

Miss Lois J. Spencer 
Ms Lois J Spencer 
3309 Loyal Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27615- 
(919) 848-4595 

Miss Elizabeth H Spratt 

Mr. & Mrs Thomas B Spratt, III 

115 Kanawha Street 

Fort Mill, SC 29715- 

(803) 547-2808 

Miss Nancy B SpruiU 

Mr & Mrs Hunter W SpruiU 

1001 Powell Avenue 


'Windsor, NC 27983- 
(919) 794-3263 


Miss Stacey L Stallard 
Mr. & Mrs. Troy F. Stallard 
16 Foxchase Road 
Charleston, WV 25304- 
(304) 925-9264 

Miss Trade E Stanley 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel B Stanley 

1102 W Dnfrwood Dnve 
■ Siler City, NC 27344- 

(919) 663-2440 

Miss Mary Elizabeth Stark 
Mr. & Mrs. J Harold Thamngton 
,2207 White Oak Road 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 
,(919) 783-6211 

Miss Andrea G Staunch 
■Mr. & Mrs. George R Staunch 
106 Virginia Lane 
New Bern, NC 28562- 
(919) 638-6471 

Miss Austin B Staunch 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Staunch 

106 Virginia Lane 

New Bern, NC 28562- 

(919) 638-6471 

Miss Anne P. Steele 
Ms. Mary R Steele 
Chimlee Hill Farm 
Pacolet, SC 29372- 
(803) 474-2673 

Miss Nicole Steinborn 

Mr. & Mrs. George Steinbom 

432 Rose Haven Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 787-8943 

Miss Adrianne W Stone 
Ms. Adna W. Walker 
1544 Carr Street 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 
(919) 854-5843 

Miss Susan C. Stone 

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Stone 

3512 Williamsborough Ct 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 782-6980 

Miss Jennifer M Srreeter 
Ms. Joyce E. Srreeter 
7590 Lime Hollow Drive SE 
Grand Rapids, Ml 49546- 
(616) 949-9539 

Miss Leigh S Stucky 
Ms. Diana L. Lutz 
2503 Mavview Road 
Raleigh, NC 27607- 
(919) 832-7331 

Miss Michelle S Sullivan 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael S Sullivan 
724 Jefferson Street 
Bennetsvffle, SC 29512- 
(803) 479-6313 

Miss Ashley B. Summerlin 
Mrs. Pamela M Huggins 
2516 E. Pelican 
Long Beach, NC 28465- 
(919) 278-5254 

Miss Melissa L Sutton 
Mr. & Mrs Doug Sutton 
5236 Knollwood Dnve 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 787-4952 

Miss Amy E Swann 
Dr. & Mrs William P. Swann 
2428 Robin Hood Road 
Roanoke, VA 24014- 

(703) 344-0750 

Miss Whitnev E. Szymczyk 
Mr. & Mrs Roger W Szvmczvk 
225 Bentlev Oaks Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28270- 

(704) 364-7863 

Miss Emmve C. Taft 
Dr. S, Mrs Richard C Taft 
303 Kenilworth Road 
Greenville, NC 27858- 

Miss Martha A. Tattersall 
Ms. Martha A Tattersall 
620 Shadow Lane 
Whispenng Pines, NC 28327- 
(919) 949-3663 

Miss Margaret E. Taylor 
Dr & Mrs. Julian R Taylor 

502 North Colony Avenue 
Ahoskie, NC 27910- 
(919) 332-5805 

Miss Susan A. Taylor 
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Taylor 
1880 Maryland Avenue 
Charlotte'. NC 28209- 
(704) 333-4569 

Miss Amanda M Teague 
Ms Ann M Teague 
1903 Queens Road 
Charlotte, NC 28207- 
(704) 332-7140 

Miss Emilv J Teague 
Mrs. Jane A Teague 
1232 Dovershire Place 
High Point, NC 27262- 
(919) 884-5922 

Miss Mary K. Teague 

Mr & Mrs. William J Teague, Jr 

4313 S Hesperides 

Nags Head, NC 27959- 

(919) 441-1739 

Miss Jessica M. Thomas 
Ms Jamce K. Thomas 
7301 Calibre Park Dnve 
Durham, NC 27707- 
(919) 419-6160 

Miss Carol C Thornhill 

Mr & Mrs. George T Thornhill, I 

P.O. Box 6024 

Raleigh, NC 27628- 

(919) 755-0338 

Miss Jamie A Tompkins 

Mr & Mrs. James A Tompkins 

3505 Canter Lane 

Raleigh, NC 27604- 

(919) 876-4542 

Miss Meredith E Toomes 
Mr & Mrs James K Toomes 
2585 Sweetwater Trail 
Maitland, FL 32751- 
(407) 628-2144 

Miss Aubrey E. Turner 

Dr & Mrs Aubrey E Turner 

503 St. Andrews Road 
Statesville. NC 28677- 
(704) 872-6454 

Miss Jane E. Twamlev 
Mr & Mrs. Joseph V. Twamlev 
146 Cedar Hills Court 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514- 
(919) 942-8088 

Miss Ashley B Twiggs 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard F Twiggs 

817 Blenheim Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27612- 

(919) 787-1820 

Miss Janet M. Uv 
Dr & Mrs Geogono C. Uy 
1120 Bailevwick Drive 
Virginia Beach, VA 23455- 
(804) 460-2334 

Miss Maria F Uyterhoeven 

Mr & Mrs Nelson Uyterhoeven 

308 Penn Oak Circle 

Raleigh, NC 27615- 

(919) 846-7453 

Miss Amanda C Veorse 

Mr &Mrs. James W Veorse, III 

428 Cedar Hill Lane 

Raleigh, NC 27609- 

(919) 782-3483 

Miss Sara E. Vivian 
Ms Sheryl K. McAdams 
1-A Fountain Manor Dnve 
Greensboro, NC 27405- 
(919) 275-8804 

Miss Sara Voelker 
Mrs Javne O Voelker 
15995 Duggatt Terrace 
Mechanicsville, VA 23111- 
(804) 748-7435 

Miss Baxter L Wagner 
Mr & Mrs Barry A. Wagner 
2036 Valencia Terrace 
Charlotte, NC 28226- 
(704) 362-2976 

Miss Leslie R Wagstaff 

Mr & Mrs Lindsay T. Wagstaff, Jr. 
Route 1, Box 186 
Roxboro, NC 27573- 
(919) 599-8174 

Miss Ann Mason T Waites 
Mr. & Mrs. Earle C Waites, Sr. 
1700 Shadv Lane 
Columbia,' SC 29206- 
(803) 782-8037 

Miss Kyoko Wakamatsu 

Mr & Mrs Yoshiva W Wakamatsu 

345 Chucaichi-Cho 

Kyoto, Japan 

(817) 579-1350 

Miss Kathleen M Walton 
Ms Kathleen L Walton 
805 Lake Boone Trail 
Raleigh, NC 27267- 
(919) 787-3528 

Miss Rebecca M Ward 
Mr & Mrs Peter F. Ward 
4311 Swarthmore Road 
Durham, NC 27707- 
(919) 489-4625 

Miss Susanna G Ward 
Mr & Mrs James R Ward 
111 Alabama Drive 
Darlington, SC 29532- 
(803) 393-8116 

Miss Amv L. Warren 
Mr & Mrs. James S. Warren 
5532 Old Still Road 
Wake Forest, NC 27587- 
(919) 528-3027 

Miss Cynthia C Warren 
Mr & Mrs Gilbert W Warren 
305 Holly Hill Road 
Murfreesboro. NC 27855- 
(919) 398-3907 

Miss Cathenne M. Warrington 

Mr & Mrs Charles W Warrington, II 

600 South Howard Circle 

Tarboro, NC 27886- 

(919) 823-1813 

Miss Delia L Washington 
Mr & Mrs Jerome Lee 
1308 Collins Dnve 
Burlington, NC 27215- 
(919) 570-0865 

Miss Kathleen S Watkans 
Mr & Mrs Allen H Watkins, Ir 
4025 Martin's Pond Road 
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949- 
(919) 261-1288 

Miss Katherine E. Watson 
Mrs. Celeste R. Watson 
1107 Laurel Lane 
Wilson, NC 27893- 
(919) 291-6696 

Miss Rebecca H. Watson 
Mr & Mrs Larrv Watson 
510 S Clvde Avenue 
Wilson, NC 27893- 
(919) 291-7080 

Miss Evelyn R Way 

Mr & Mrs Warren W Way, III 

510 Thorndiff Drive 

FayetteviUe, NC 28303- 

(919) 864-3008 

Miss Joanna B Weatherman 

Ms Sara Ann Barber B Weatherman 

199 Sonata Dnve 

Lewisville, NC 27023- 

(919) 945-5950 

Miss Caroline A Weber 
Mr & Mrs Paul D Altheide 
202 Del Mar Blvd 
Corpus Cnsh, TX 78404- 
(512) 884-8786 

Miss Elsa C Weber 
Mr & Mrs Philip G. Weber 
305 Bunvell Avenue 
Henderson. NC 27536- 
(919) 438-2246 

Miss Courtney C Weill 
Ms Kathenne Clean' 
2258 The Circle 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 
(919) 467-2590 

Miss Bradv A. Wells 

Mr & Mis Warner M. Wells. Ill 

Rt 1, Box 616 
Greenwood, MS 38930- 
(601) 453-8845 

Miss Enn K Wendell 
Dr & Mrs John Wendell 
212 Roger Webster 
Williamsburg, VA 23185- 
(804) 229-7197 

Miss Lucy M White 
Mr 4 Mrs Charles R. Duvall 
2404 Lake Loreine Lane 
Richmond, VA 23233- 
(804) 740-4342 

Miss Robin J. White 

Mr. & Mrs Richard J White 

2817 Dunkirk Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27613- 

(919) 848-0521 

Miss Anna L. Whitlev 
Mrs Harnett Whitley 
612 Country Club Drive 
Burlington,' NC 27215- 
(919) 227-0060 

Miss Elizabeth D Whitley 
Ms Ruth Dickens W Whitley 
3120 Woodgreen Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27607- 
(919) 787-2301 

Miss Gaelle E Widmer 
Mr & Mrs Jean Widmer 
2117 Cowper Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27608- 
(919) 782-9161 

Miss Hollv B Wilensky 
Mrs Manlvn 1 Wilensky 
5758 Three Oaks Dnve 
Raleigh, NC 27612- 
(919) 787-5273 

Miss Jamie A Wilkes 

Mr & Mrs Russell W Wilkes, Jr 

P O Box 248 

Snow Hill. NC 28580- 

(919) 747-4305 

Miss Keira V Williams 

Mr & Mrs Roger L Williams 

115 Seaview Dnve 

Holden Beach, NC 28462- 

(919) 842-6068 

Miss Lauren E. Williams 
Mr & Mrs Roger L. Williams 
115 Seaview Dnve 
Holden Beach, NC 28462- 
(919) 842-6068 

Miss Mary M Williams 

Mr & Mrs Frank L Williams, III 

6723 Whitney Road 

Craham, NC 27253- 

(919) 376-9414 

Miss Melissa K Williams 
Mr & Mrs David R Williams 
102 Parkgrove Court 
Apex, NC 27502- 
(919) 387-8805 

Miss Karen C Work 
Mr & Mrs Lvall C- Work 
38 Oei Tiong rlam Park 
Singapore 1026 
(000) 000-0000 

Miss Angela G Young 

Mr & Mrs lames A Young, Jr 

1517 Clayton Road 

Wdlow Spnngs, NC 27592- 

(919) 522-9753 

Miss Susan J Young 
Mr Henry J Young 
500 Marlowe Road 
Raleigh, NC 27609- 
(919) 787-1282 

Miss Jennifer P Zahren 
Mr & Mrs Achim Zahren 
16341 Yellow Jacket Cir. 
MooresviUe, NC28115- 
(704) 732-7406